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Sliding feet and slippery hands do not make for a successful Downward Dog. The best yoga mats provide the perfect blend of cushioning and grip to transform your chaturanga from spastic to inspiring.

To help you choose, we rounded up 16 of the best yoga mats on the market. Whether you’re a hot yogi, an inverted namaste-er after the perfect headstand, or buying your first mat, you’ll find the ideal make and model for your flow below.

We made our choices by considering each mat’s:

  • Size. Do your feet tend to hang off the edge of your mat? Do you prefer a smaller model ideal for travel? We got you.
  • Material. We looked for materials that are durable, comfy, and ethically sourced.
  • Portability. These mats roll with it and go with the flow (get it?).
  • Thickness. We chose mats with a variety of thicknesses to best support your yoga goals.
  • Durability. These mats should survive more than just gentle flow yoga.

Price guide

$ = under $50
$$ = $50 to $100
$$$ = over $100

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1. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

Gaiam’s slightly thicker than average 2/5-inch thick mat cushions knees and elbows as you sink into your poses. It’s PVC-free, so it’s safer for the environment (and you). An added bonus: you can cart it to class with the included carrying strap. On the downside, it’s got a bit of an odor.

Price: $

Purchase the Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat.

2. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Sink into warrior poses on this 1/2-inch thick mat with moisture-resistant technology. The tacky material is easy to clean and helps you stick your poses even when the sweat starts dripping.

All it takes is a quick wipe down with soap and water when you’re done. One caveat, the surface isn’t anti-tear, which can lead to flaking or rips over time.

Price: $

Purchase the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat.

3. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

This mat is made of TPE, otherwise known as thermoplastic elastomers, which is more eco-friendly than PVC.

If you find thick 1/2-inch mats let you sink a little too much, TOPLUS’s 1/4 thickness leaves more freedom of movement with the perfect amount of stickiness. However, if you use it outside, you’re probably going to feel every bump and rock.

Price: $

Purchase the TOPLUS Yoga Mat.

4. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

The Solana comes in both 1/2- and 1-inch versions. If a 1/2 inch just isn’t thick enough, cushion those sensitive knees with one of the best thick yoga mats. With a full 1-inch of cushioning between the floor and your joints, you’ll be able to focus solely on breathing and body movement.

While this mat comes with a carrying strap, the thicker version is a bit bulky to carry to a class.

Price: $

Buy the Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat.

5. Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

The Plyopic lets you express your personality but keeps sweat under control, at least as far as your mat goes. This mat combines an absorbent yoga towel top with a non-slip rubber base to hold it in place.

It’s one of the best mats for hot yoga and those who sweat more than average. Plus, it comes in fun, colorful designs that bring some extra joy to your workout.

Price: $$

Buy the Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat.

6. AmazonBasics Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Yoga mats get pricey, but Amazon sticks to the basics with an affordable, 1/2-inch-thick mat. You’ll find a few color options to choose from, plus a carrying strap is included. Take note: This mat gets slippery when wet, which means it’s not great for hot yoga or super sweaters. But when it comes to value on a budget, it’ll get the job done.

Price: $

Buy AmazonBasics Extra Thick Yoga Mat.

7. IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Leave that lovely rubbery smell behind with the IUGA’s sustainable and eco-friendly polyurethane top surface. It absorbs moisture to maintain the grippy surface when temperatures rise. However, that sometimes means sweat stains show with time.

Price: $

Buy the IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat.

8. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

As one of the best yoga mat brands, Manduka knows not every yogi comes in the same size. Long legs that need some extra mat length will be pleasantly surprised with the Manduka’s 71- or 79-inch PROlite options.

The Prolite gets extra bonus points for an OEKO-TEX certification that assures that the mat is free of substances harmful to human health.

Price: $$$

Buy the Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat.

9. YogiBare Lunar Paws Natural Rubber Extreme Grip Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly yogis will love the variety of products available from YogiBare, but we’re particularly in awe of their Lunar Paw natural rubber extreme grip mats. These mats are a little longer and wider than traditional mats, offering lots of room for rocking, rolling, and splaying out.

While the grip really feels like being glued in place (in the best way possible) this mat is on the thinner side, so if you need more cushion you might need to shop around. We’re also giving this mat style points for managing to look so fly, yet so chill.

Price: $$

Purchase YogiBare Lunar Paws Yoga Mat.

10. Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Slip no more! If you’re tired of slipping and sliding your way through yoga or pilates, this mat could be your new best friend.

A diamond-textured surface provides extra grip, while a tire thread bottom keeps it in place. This one is also a great option for newbie’s who need a little extra help from hand, feet, and body guides printed on the mat.

Price: $

Buy the Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat.

11. Anja Organic Yoga Mat

Allergies or an aversion to that lovely rubbery smell are both good reasons to consider the Anja. Give jute a try with its natural odor and sweat-repellent properties.

This model gets extra marks for its chemical-free materials and biodegradability. Though, jute may not be as sticky as some surfaces and might take some getting used to.

Price: $$

Buy Anja Organic Yoga Mat.

12. Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Does your sensitive skin break out with the slightest provocation? As a natural material, cork triggers fewer allergic reactions. It’s also naturally sweat-resistant.

This model is also longer, wider, and thicker than most cork mats. You get alignment marks to help your poses, too. Cork feels a little different, so you may have to adjust to how it feels.

Price: $$

Buy the Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat.

13. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

Adventurous yogis can get their poses on from almost anywhere with the eKO Superlite. Fold or roll, as one of the best yoga mats, this model’s durable non-slip surface and light 2.2 pounds make it easy to take in a pack or hide in a suitcase.

Keep in mind that it’s thin, so it’s not a mat most people would use for everyday routines.

Price: $

Buy the Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat.

14. JadeYoga Voyager Yoga Mat

The Voyager laughs (not literally) in the face of damaging creases while providing a sticky surface that keeps you strong and stable.

This foldable mat is another lightweight (1.5 pound) model that’s perfect for those who want to try their yoga in the park, on the beach, or next to a mountain stream. However, it’s only 1/16-inch thick, which means you’ll feel the ground beneath your feet.

Price: $

Buy the JadeYoga Voyager Yoga Mat.

15. Clever Yoga Mat

Rocks, sticks, and shoes put extra strain on yoga mats. If you’d rather exercise outside, a mat with anti-tear technology like the mats from Clever Yoga might be right up your alley.

This version also includes an anti-bacterial surface, so no unwelcome critters start growing on your mat. This model is only 1/4-inch thick, so it’s not the best for sensitive knees and hands.

Price: $

But the Clever Yoga Mat.

16. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat

Maybe you need extra space for long legs, or you like to set up stations on your mat. If that’s the case, an extra-large model like the 72″ x 48″ Gxmmat belongs in your home gym. This behemoth’s thick non-slip surface gives you plenty of room to stretch, bend, and sweat. That extra size, of course, limits portability.

Price: $$$

Buy the Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat.