There are so many reasons to heart yoga, but sometimes it’s tricky to pencil a class into a packed schedule. Not to mention how quickly the cost can add up.

Luckily, YouTube is a treasure trove of awesome (and free!) workouts — and that includes yoga routines. We’ve compiled 16 of our favorite super-effective videos.

With options ranging from quickie sessions to ones that focus on relaxation to those that target specific areas, there’s bound to be one that works for you. Consider this the green light for plenty of at-home “ommmm.”

1. 6-minute abs routine

Time needed: 6 minutes

“I don’t have time” can never be an excuse for skipping a workout again. This fast-paced routine is proof that you can pack a lot of core shaping into the time it takes most of us to get out of bed in the morning.

But don’t let the length fool you — this routine’s no joke. Yogi Kathryn Budig leads you through a tough mix of pulsing leg lifts (tiny movements with major impact), bicycle kicks, and more.

2. Beginner yoga flow

Time needed: 13 minutes

Calling all newbies: You don’t have to head to a studio to learn the basics. Just follow along with Kino MacGregor in this video.

In just a few minutes, you’ll get the lowdown on controlling your breath, Sun Salutations, and more. We love that MacGregor explains both the purpose and the benefits of each pose, all while moving through a simple yet strengthening flow.

3. Beginner’s morning yoga sequence

Time needed: 17 minutes

Shout-out to Brett Larkin, the awesome San Francisco-based yoga instructor who created this routine for us!

The sequence is great for beginners and helps kick-start your day with poses that relieve stress, balance your body, and wake you up. We like to think of it as the perfect start to any morning.

4. Yoga for strength — beginner arm balances

Time needed: 17 minutes

Ask any yoga devotee and they’ll likely agree on one thing: The practice works your body, mind, and spirit. MacGregor makes a point of this at the beginning of the workout and inspires you to take on a new challenge.

Like any great instructor, she’ll remind you not to stress throughout the harder poses. You’ll build total-body strength with planks and Chaturangas and slowly work your way into more advanced poses (like Crane Pose and headstands). Challenging? Absolutely. Worth it? Oh, yeah!

5. Deep hip stretch slow flow

Time needed: 20 minutes

Let’s be real: Being bound to our desks is kind of a bummer. Thankfully, this routine targets the area that suffers the most. Yep, we’re talking about the hips.

Yoga instructor Adee leads a slow and steady sequence that includes poses to target your hip flexors and relieve tension, like a yoga squat and Frog Pose. Her soothing voice helps you feel at ease — a welcome reminder for the work-hard, play-hard set.

6. Beach yoga to make you stronger

Time needed: 21 minutes

One of the stellar things about yoga is that you can do it anytime, anywhere — and that absolutely includes on the beach during vacay. But whether you’re actually in the middle of a relaxing getaway or just in your living room, get ready to sweat a bit.

You’ll flow from pose to pose in this full-body routine led by Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. Bonus: The rippling water and beautiful sky in the background almost make you feel like you’re there.

7. Yoga fusion for burning fat

Time needed: 21 minutes

Three words: burn, baby, burn. This cardio flow routine is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. The best part? You can knock it out in the amount of time it takes to get a great shower (unless it’s a leg-shaving day, that is).

Keep an eye out for a cameo from instructor Jessica Smith’s adorable dog, Peanut — you won’t want to miss her Upward-Facing Dog.

8. Yoga to target your butt and thighs

Time needed: 29 minutes

The name of the video really says it all. Texas-based yogi Adriene Mishler directs you through a series of poses that works the lower body and gets you one step closer to the elusive “yoga booty,” all while clearly having a blast.

She serves up the sequence with a side of goofiness — you’ll feel like you’re taking class with one of your funnier friends. And laughing totally counts as a workout, right?

9. Yoga to relieve stress and tension

Time needed: 30 minutes

Stressed out. Tense. Crazed. If any of these words describe you, this routine’s a godsend. You’ll gently sway and flow your way from Forward Folds to Low Lunges to splits — only if you’re up for them, of course.

With breezy and serene direction, Tara Stiles gives more advanced options for those who want them, but she’s really all about finding what works best for your body in that moment.

10. Soothing vinyasa yoga

Time needed: 31 minutes

This yoga routine is proof positive that your practice can be the best of both worlds: soothing and challenging. Instructor Faith Hunter talks you through 30 minutes of flowing poses, focusing on moving with your breath (that’s the heart of vinyasa, in case you were wondering).

11. Full-body yoga stretch

Time needed: 32 minutes

Stretching it out is the name of the game here — and that’s something both beginners and yoga pros can always use, no matter your fitness level.

Your instructor, Cole Chance, also gives detailed directions that help ensure you’re engaging the right muscles — including important reminders to be gentle. After a half-hour of hurts-so-good poses, you’ll feel uber-relaxed.

12. High-energy yoga flow

Time needed: 34 minutes

Yogi Mandy Ingber, who’s taught Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence and Brooke Shields, shares a routine that’s tough but totally doable.

This high-energy flow builds strength, includes a killer abs series, and finishes up with a calming, soothing stretch. Hello, muscle definition.

13. Deep stretches for relaxation and meditation

Time needed: 35 minutes

Sometimes you need more than a couple of minutes of stretching. That’s where yin yoga, a practice that involves holding poses for long periods of time (usually 3 to 5 minutes) comes in.

Yogi Nora directs you through a series of poses (some of which involve a pillow — score!) with the goal of helping you let go and find flexibility.

14. Intermediate vinyasa flow

Time needed: 35 minutes

This video has racked up more than 3 million views for a reason: It rocks. California-based yogi Tim Senesi kills it with this total-body vinyasa flow.

It’s geared toward beginner to intermediate yogis, though it does include some more advanced arm-balance poses, like Twisted Crow. His super-specific direction makes it easy to follow and so enjoyable.

15. Yoga for serious strength gains

Time needed: 46 minutes

Looking for a longer practice? Look no further. We mentioned Adriene Mishler’s butt-and-thigh-targeting routine above (No. 8), but we also love this full-body workout. Mishler throws cardio moves like jumping jacks into the mix to get — and keep — your heart pumping.

16. Slow flow power yoga

Time needed: 55 minutes

Sometimes slower is better, and this is definitely one of those times. This routine requires you to move from pose to pose with control and purpose — no muscling through it!

The one catch: It’s not intended for beginners, though instructor Candace does offer modifications for less-experienced folks.