A couple of weeks ago, I spent a weekend in L.A. with my friend and business mentor, Melyssa Griffin—a fab entrepreneur and creator of the Pursuit With Purpose podcast. I shared with her that life was going well for me in lots of ways (exciting travel, happy marriage), but I felt stuck in other ways (some scattered focus, not sleeping well).

To evaluate my life where I am right now and then focus on what I need to improve, she broke down an excellent framework for me—one that I’ve been dying to share with you ever since.

As a life coach, I’m always looking for new ways and techniques to see the world and our place within it. And the space our life consumes is never just one thing—we have many roles, perhaps as a parent, a spouse, a lawyer, a yogi, a BFF from heaven… you get the idea.

Our lives are rich and multi-faceted, and a holistic check-in on you elevates your entire life experience. Use Griffin’s PURPOSE framework laid out here, an hour of your time, and a trusty journal to give your life the spring assessment it deserves.

Just choose a couple questions from each section and spend a few minutes journalling each one. You’ll intuitively pick the ones that you need to answer in the moment. Focus on what jumps out at you!

Ready? Let’s begin!

(P)hysical and Mental State:

How are my body and physical health?

Do I exercise?

Do I eat healthy foods to nourish my body?

Am I giving in to negative emotions?

Where am I excelling with my physical and mental state, and where are my opportunities for growth?


Do I have at least five people in my life I can turn to for support?

Am I around the types of people I want to be surrounded by—who help me become who I want to be?

Do I have a strong relationship with my partner—or if I’m single, do I confidently believe that I will find love when I’m ready?

How am I positively contributing to the people in my life? And what am I gaining from them too?

(R)elationship With Self:

Do I truly love myself?

Do I see myself as complete and perfect, but not finished?

How do I talk to myself?

Do I know why I do the things I do—both positive and negative?

Do I practice self-care or do I see it as an unnecessary luxury?

Do I have a consistent practice to deepen my connection to myself?

(P)rofit and Work:

Does my work support the lifestyle I want to be living?

Am I happy with my business and/or career?

Am I doing work that inspires me?

Am I hitting my income goals?

Do I have blocks around money and abundance?


Am I taking ownership of my choices and experiences?

Do I recognize when I’ve done something right?

Do I take initiative when following my purpose—am I an action-taker?

Am I aware that I only have control over myself and nothing else?

Do I see the value in taking ownership and responsibility?

(S)piritual Connection:

Do I feel connected to something bigger than me?

Do I allow or deny my intuition?

Do I sometimes feel alone and unsupported in my life and decisions, or do I trust that things are turning out for the best?

Do I feel like I have the wisdom inside of me or do I often look outside of myself for answers?


Is what I’m doing having a positive impact on the people and world around me?

Am I contributing to the world in a positive way?

Am I spreading my purpose and mission to others?

Am I intentional about continuing to expand and grow, or am I scared of growing into my highest self?

Once you’re finished with all the sections, you can rate yourself from 1-10 in each area, if that feels good. What you need to focus on and improve will probably become clear, fast.

For me, I need to sleep more which means attending fewer happy hours, no fro-yo orders after 9 p.m., and less people-pleasing in terms of going out constantly (I also gotta lose the FOMO on that one).

With the lofty business goals I’ve set, I’m gonna have to be a rested, healthier version of myself to fulfill my vision for this year, because my personal vision for expansion is big.

What about you? What pops out at you as needing your love and attention?

There’s nothing like the power of taking full responsibility for your own well-being. And there’s no better day to begin.

Susie Moore is Greatist’s life coach columnist and a confidence coach in New York City. Sign up for free weekly wellness tips on her website and check back every Tuesday for her latest No Regrets column!