Photo by Kristine Lockwood

If weekends mean housework, we’ve got good news. (No, we’re not cleaning for you.) Plenty of everyday chores can up calorie burn! They probably don’t qualify as a workout all on their own, but try these tips to make ’em a bit more like exercise:

  • Scrub-a-dub-dub: Vacuuming and sweeping already burn plenty of calories (about 150 per hour), but pump some jams and pick up the pace to burn even more.
  • Clean the Car: A little wax on, wax off plus calf raises to reach the roof and squats to shine up those rims equals a full-body sizzle session.
  • Get Cooking: Add some glute squeezes or calf raises to chopping veggies and washing the dishes — and skip the electric mixer in favor of some bicep work.

Read on for even more ways to turn chores into exercise.

The Takeaway: Everyday activities don’t have to be a drag. Make ’em a bit more taxing for some extra pay-off.

Conquering the Empire State Building

Greatist’s own Emily Milam participated in the annual Empire State Building Run-Up (yes, that Empire State Building). That’s 1,576 steps in under 20 minutes. Talk about turning an everyday activity into a workout!

Fun Fact

The Empire State Building weighs roughly 365,000 tons. That’s 1,000 tons for everyday of the year! (And, by the way, it’s also open all those 365 days.)