Now that the election has come and past, we’ve got the dirty deets on which presidents were fit, healthy eaters and which packed on the lbs. Sneak peak — Washington had some seriously intimidating muscles, and the younger Bush ran a sub 4-hour marathon. And as the chillier months keep creepin’ on us, we rounded up five of our favorite roasted recipes to stay toasty and satisfied. Make sure to read our guest post that gives extra reason for ladies to lift weights, and why it’s so darn great.


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How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym (and Then Drop Her) No, no. We don’t mean get a girl’s number at the gym. Watch this short clip of a jacked dude lifting a girl above his head. Don’t try this at home.

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Recipe: Quinoa with Broccoli-Avocado Pesto Looking for a comforting, warm dish that still passes the healthy meal test? Try this hearty warm vegetable and quinoa salad with roasted broccoli pesto.

Legalize It? Medical Marijuana Fully Explained Yesterday Massachusetts voted to legalize medical marijuana; Arkansas voted against it. We’re not talking just munchies and Pink Floyd — weed can be a legitimate treatment for medical ailments.

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55 Surprising Ways to Use Leftover Apples Apple fans, rejoice! No matter how many reds, greens, or golds are spilling out of your produce drawer, we’ve got 55 edible, drinkable, and non-food ways to use them all up before they go brown.

Recipe: Quinoa with Broccoli-Avocado Pesto Looking for a comforting, warm dish that still passes the healthy meal test? Try this hearty warm vegetable and quinoa salad with roasted broccoli pesto.

Healthier Choices From Around the Web #imagreatist The #imagreatist community started November off the healthier way: finding time to cook, get enough sleep, and start thinking with the glass half full.

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