The gym is great and all, but sometimes, you just can’t deal with the whole process of getting there, waiting for machines, working out, then heading home. On those days, check out this 22-minute total-body HIIT workout you can do right at home.

This workout is simple and straightforward, but it will definitely make you work up a sweat—no travel time required. Each exercise is performed for just 30 seconds, so the constant variety makes time fly by fast. The moves are designed to raise your heart rate, build strength with your own body weight, and increase your mobility with stretches, so you check off all boxes in one short workout. Plus, the instructor offers ways to make moves easier or harder, so the routine can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels. All you need is an exercise mat to get started.

To recap: Each move is performed for ~30 seconds. No equipment needed.

Jumping Jacks
T-Spine Stretch
Trunk Rotation
Arm Circle

Modified Triceps Push-Up into Bird Dog
Dynamic Crab
Reverse Lunge to Stretch (R/L)

Crab Walk
Deep Squat Touch Down
Sumo Squat Side Touch Down

Speed Rope
Jump Rope With High Knees
Standing Toe Touch

Side Plank Crunch
Toe Touch
Alternating V-Sit

Upward Dog
Quad Stretch
Runner’s Lunge to Hamstring Stretch
Upper Body Stretch

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