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Stationary bikes: We love ’em — and so does much of the world. (Thanks, Peloton!)

There’s a myriad of options out there to swoon over, but if you’re looking for a bike that might literally blow you away, take a peep at the Assault Fitness AssaultBike line.

The AssaultBike is an air bike, which means it’s powered by one thing: you. You set the speed, and the faster you pedal, the more you’ll have to fight against air resistance from the bike‘s built-in fan. Assault Fitness is also known for making gear for serious athletes.

Translation: The AssaultBike will kick your ass (in a good way). Here’s our review.

AssaultBike Pros

  • no power required
  • more resistance as you pedal faster
  • sturdy construction
  • easy assembly

AssaultBike Cons

  • more expensive than other air bikes
  • not as techy or feature-packed as indoor cycling bikes
  • some reviewer complaints about noise level
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The AssaultBike comes in three models: the modest AssaultBike Classic, the tricked-out AssaultBike Elite, and the in-betweener AssaultBike Pro.

Cost and setup

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for each AssaultBike model:

  • AssaultBike Classic: $749
  • AssaultBike Pro: $899
  • AssaultBike Elite: $1,299

Shipping is free, and reviewers agree that the bike is super easy to assemble since the instructions are really clear and all the tools are included (but that’s the only easy thing about this bike).

Product features

If the AssaultBike sounds pretty intense, that’s because it is. It’s an air bike, so while it’s low tech, it’s made for maximum intensity.

By way of physics, the faster you pedal this bike, the stronger the resistance becomes. This means the bike has major appeal for serious athletes and anyone looking to break a sweat with a low impact workout.

And since it doesn’t need electricity, it can go anywhere.

The AssaultBike Classic also comes with:

  • a heavy-duty steel frame, 20 sealed bearings, and reinforced moving components
  • a simple console with 7 preset workouts and calorie, watt, speed, distance, and time tracking
  • an adjustable sport seat

To this, the AssaultBike Pro adds some reinforced materials and an even more durable construction, along with Bluetooth connectivity to the Assault Fitness app. Finally, the top dog AssaultBike Elite has an even beefier frame, a larger seat, a detachable windscreen, and custom programming options.

Company policies

Assault Fitness offers financing through Affirm if you qualify, with payments as low as $68 per month if you buy the AssaultBike Classic and have baller credit.

If you’re not happy with the bike, you can return it within 30 days of purchase — just know that your refund will be subject to a 20 percent restocking fee.

Finally, each of the AssaultBike models has a different warranty. The deets:

  • AssaultBike Classic: 5 years on frame, 2 years on non-wear parts
  • AssaultBike Pro: 7 years on frame, 3 years on non-wear parts
  • AssaultBike Elite: 10 years on frame, 3 years on non-wear parts, 1 year on labor

What reviewers think

Reviewers are impressed with the AssaultBike overall. They say it’s really easy to assemble and provides a great workout. They also like that they can power through an intense workout fairly quickly, since they can fully control the resistance level based on their pedaling speed.

However, several reviewers complain that the AssaultBike Classic is noisier than expected. And some aren’t impressed with the seat comfort or the bare-bones displays on all three models.

The AssaultBike Classic is the least expensive and most basic model, and the AssaultBike Pro and Elite offer some extra features. Here’s a closer look at how they differ in price, specs, and features.

AssaultBike ClassicAssaultBike ProAssaultBike Elite
Dimensions51 x 23 x 50 in.50 x 24 x 51 in.55 x 26 x 55 in.
Weight96 lbs.118 lbs.139 lbs.
Max user weight300 lbs.300 lbs.350 lbs.
DisplayLCDhigh contrast LCDhigh contrast LCD
Readingswatts, RPM, calories, heart rate, distance, time, odometer, intervalswatts, RPM, calories, heart rate, distance, time, odometer, intervalswatts, RPM, calories, heart rate, distance, time, odometer, intervals
ConnectivityN/AAssault Fitness appAssault Fitness app
Electricity requirednonono
Construction and materialsheavy-duty steel, 27-in. steel fan, industrial powder coating, reinforced pedals/crank, sealed cartridge bearings, 4 leveling feetsimilar frame to AssaultBike Classic, plus 25-in. steel fan, sealed bottom bracketlarger frame than AssaultBike Pro, solid steel cranks, aluminum seat post, corrosion-resistant materials
Other featuresadjustable sport seatadjustable height and front-to-back settings, handlebar grips, adjustable padded seat, Competition Modelarger display, large ergonomic padded seat, adjustable height and front-to-back settings, handlebar grips, Competition Mode

So, does your behind belong on an AssaultBike seat? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Budget. AssaultBikes might be an assault on your wallet — comparable air bikes, like the Schwinn Airdyne, start at just $399. However, the AssaultBike line has solid reviews, and Assault Fitness is a trusted brand, so it may be worth the splurge.
  • Size. Air bikes — especially the larger AssaultBike Elite — take up a bit more space than the more compact indoor cycling-style bikes, so they may not fit comfortably in a small space.
  • Features. These air bikes are nice, but fancy they ain’t. If you’re looking for a bike that’s fully equipped for streaming fitness, you may want to consider indoor cycling-style bikes with tablets included, like the Stryde Bike or the MYX Bike. OTOH, if you just wanna ride like the wind, the Assault Fitness air bikes can’t be beat.

The AssaultBike line from Assault Fitness consists of air bikes that require no electricity but can seriously jolt you with an intense workout. Best of all, you have total control over the speed and intensity — the faster you pedal, the harder you’ll have to push against the resistance.

If you’ve got some room in your budget and value rigor over bells and whistles, the AssaultBike might be just what you need to get your ass in gear.