MYX Fitness’s commercial-grade at-home bike has gotten a lot of comparisons to options from brands like Peloton, NordicTrack, and SoulCycle (and all the other alts). They’re all serious rides with interactive training components that basically nix your need for a gym membership.

But how does MYX stand out from the rest?

For starters, this bike is a little easier on your wallet than many similar stationary bikes. Also? The whole workout angle is a little different.

Instead of focusing on beating everyone else (Peloton), turning your workout into a religious experience (SoulCycle), or becoming besties with your personal trainer (NordicTrack), MYX puts the emphasis on, well, you — and looking at your internal metrics to get better and better.

It’s a different approach, sure. But depending on your workout style and what generally gets you going, it could be really great. Here’s the scoop on MYX and whether this bike is the right fit for you.

The MYX Fitness bike is billed as a total fitness system that’s basically everything you need for a home gym. The pro-grade bike gives you a smooth, powerful ride, and your membership to the brand’s fitness platform offers access to tons of streaming classes.

Speaking of classes, you can watch them on the bike’s 21.5-inch (in.) HD screen, which swivels, so you can rotate it to do noncycling classes on the floor near your bike. So yeah, it really is an all-in-one.

Price, please!

MYX bills itself as a more affordable alternative to luxe bikes like Peloton. We wouldn’t exactly call it cheap (TBH, no commercial-grade bike is), but prices start as low as $1,299 if you buy the bike without any extras (like the dumbbell and kettlebell sets). A class subscription costs an additional $29/month. Financing ops are also available.

As for shipping and assembly? Get ready to cheer: Both are free, baby.

And the specs?

MYX recommends having a 4 x 6-foot (ft.) space for your bike. Even though the machine isn’t actually that big, the brand says that’ll give you enough room to ride and move freely so you can have a solid workout experience.

Some more info on the bike:

  • Dimensions: 55 L x 21 W x 47 H in.
  • Weight: 150 pounds (lbs.)
  • Screen: 21.5-in. HD touch screen
  • Tech: Bluetooth-compatible, separate volume controls for your trainer and the music, can sync MYX app with your Apple Watch
  • Wheel: 41-lb.; friction-based resistance
  • Pedals: compatible with cycling shoes or reg sneakers
  • Rider height range: 4 ft. 11 in. to 6 ft. 8 in.
  • Rider weight capacity: 350 lbs.

The handlebars and seat height are fully adjustable, so you can get the right fit no matter your size. The touch-screen monitor can be swiveled 360 degrees, too, giving you a great view of the screen when you do off-bike workouts. (But you can also stream the workouts from your phone, tablet, or TV.)

What’s the deal with assembly?

It’s all taken care of. Your bike should arrive at your house 1 to 3 weeks after you order, and it’ll be assembled in your space for free. So, in addition to saving you money, MYX might also save you hours of frustration. And you’ve got 30 days to return your bike if you decide you’re not a fan.

Classes and features

MYX has a huge library of trainer-led classes you can stream on your bike’s touch screen or on your phone, tablet, or TV. There’s a sweet range of options in terms of skill levels and workout lengths and lots of choices for different types of exercises.

Some of the bike rides incorporate cross-training, but you can also take that off the bike and onto the mat with options like kettlebell workouts, HIIT, yoga, meditation, and more. So while the bike is the centerpiece, it def doesn’t have to be all cycling, all the time.

As we mentioned above, MYX classes don’t feature a leaderboard or community element. If you’re irritated by competition and just want to do your thing, you’ll appreciate the straightforward workouts.

The MYX app also syncs with Apple Health to help you better track your progress.

OK, but how are the classes actually? Let’s say fun, engaging, and challenging but not mind-blowing. The trainers definitely know their stuff, and the music is pretty good. But the workouts don’t feel quite as slick as the ones you’ll get from other brands.

The lack of a community feel can also make it harder for some people to get motivated. But that’s where knowing yourself really comes into play.

If you’ve got a strong drive to work out for the sake of your health (physical and mental!) and don’t feel like dropping tons of dough on a luxe fitness membership each month, you’ll probably be cool with the MYX classes.

If, on the other hand, you like that feeling of being a part of something bigger (or being the best), MYX’s classes might feel kinda lonely or like they just don’t give you that push.

MYX holds its own against other commercial-grade bikes.

It’s got friction-based resistance instead of magnetic, so the ride, while pretty smooth, isn’t quite as butterlike as you’d get from some other options on the market. But what it lacks in velvety feel, it makes up for in fully adjustable handlebars and a screen that swivels. Trade-offs, people!

In addition to cycling programs, MYX Fitness offers a range of expert-led total-body workouts. Reviewers say the classes aren’t quite on par with a Peloton or SoulCycle experience, and there’s no leaderboard or community element. But for a smaller monthly fee, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

In short, MYX provides a great ride for less $$ than most of its competitors. Because you’re paying less, it makes sense that the overall experience isn’t quite as luxe or slick. But it’s still solid, and for plenty of casual exercisers, solid is good enough.