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Connecticut-based exercise equipment brand MYXfitness is known for making sleek indoor bikes that provide a customized workout experience designed to keep you in shape rain or shine.

The crown jewel of its product line? Probably the MYX Plus, which offers an array of fun features that’ll have even the biggest fitness techie starstruck. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of everything the MYX Plus offers — and everything it doesn’t.

The MYX Plus


The MYX Plus falls somewhere in the middle of the indoor bike price spectrum. It’s not as cheap as a Bowflex C6 or as expensive as a Peloton. But it’ll still take a sizable chunk out of your bank account.

A brand-new MYX Plus retails for $1,499, but financing plans are available to accommodate your existing budget. Instead of paying $1,499 up front, you can choose to pay $42 per month for 36 months. A membership will run you an extra $29 per month.


  • Weight and height limits. The MYX Plus is recommended for people between 4 feet (ft) 11 inches (in.) and 6 ft 8 in. and up to 350 pounds (lbs.). The bike itself weighs 134 lbs., so it’s relatively easy to move around.
  • Preassembly. The MYX Plus comes fully assembled and ready to be ridden (BRB, throwing up prayer hands), so you can sit back and breathe easy knowing you won’t need to expend any mental energy on figuring out what goes where.
  • Swivel touch screen. Itching to move to the floor to lift some weights or do some push-ups but don’t want to interrupt your program? No problem. The touch screen angle is adjustable, so you can see the screen on and off the bike.
  • Water bottle holder. If the sweat’s flowing, then the need for a swig of H2O is probably making itself known. With a water bottle holder, you can stay hydrated on the (stationary) go.

What it comes with

MYXfitness throws in a little something extra — actually, several somethings extra — with the MYX Plus to create a more well-rounded workout experience:

MYX Plus classes

MYX offers an extensive catalog of prerecorded classes through its membership program. Most range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes in length — perfect for either killing time between meetings or training for a bona fide triathlon.

What do we love most about the MYX Plus? The classes. Unlike major cycling competitors, the bike’s classes are all heart rate-based (using the heart rate monitor it comes with).

Much like you would in an Orangetheory class, you’ll focus on hitting specific heart rate zones rather than pushing for a max output. This means that instead of feeling sh*tty if you’re not as strong and fast as other riders, you’ll know your success is totally dependent on your actual effort.

We’re big fans because this makes the entire experience less about other riders’ success and more about yours. But some established riders prefer that competitive feel — so keep that in mind when shopping.

Not all classes involve cycling, either — the catalog also includes cross-training, floor training, and recovery options. Since new classes are added every week, you should never have a shortage of options to choose from.

If listening to motivational speeches isn’t your speed, you can also catch up on the news, watch original interviews with health and wellness experts, or simply immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and other locales.

No matter how enamored you are of a particular product, you always want to make sure the brand offers returns. Without further ado, here are a few MYX policies you’ll want to know before entering your credit card info:

  • The MYX Plus has a 1-year warranty.
  • The MYX Plus can be returned within 30 days of receipt.
  • The MYX Plus is delivered to the XPO Logistics warehouse nearest your address. Within 24 to 48 hours of its arrival at the warehouse, you’ll be prompted to select a delivery day. The night before that day, you’ll be prompted to schedule a time for delivery. On delivery day, you’ll be notified once your bike is en route to your home.

However, the majority of Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviewers report that delivery took an excessively long time (11 to 12 weeks rather than the estimated 2 to 5 weeks) or was confusingly coordinated. Several were thrown for a loop by the roundabout process.

In addition, many reviewers mention that they had difficulty contacting a MYX customer service representative to troubleshoot. Some allege that their calls and emails went unanswered. Yikes.

That said, one of the eight BBB reviewers was extremely positive about their experience with MYX.

You should consider several factors when buying a stationary bike, according to Reid Beloni, a senior coach at Carmichael Training Services who specializes in cycling coaching. Keeping these things in mind as you’re surfing eBay or scrolling on Amazon will help you maximize your workout experience:


First and foremost, an indoor bike should be able to meet your changing needs, Beloni says. While he hasn’t personally ridden a MYX Plus before, he has several clients who use comparable products, including Pelotons.

“I think that having a comfortable fitted position on any bike, including a stationary bike, will make the rider more comfortable and more powerful. If riding is less comfortable than it should be, it’ll be likely that you cut a workout short or don’t add on a few extra free minutes of exercise,” he says.

And while it will take your booty some time to get used to cycling a lot, we def agree that an adjustable bike is key to a good cycling experience — and the MYX Plus has adjustable seat and handlebar height and depth. 🙌

Workout diversity

Ever heard the saying “Variety is the spice of life”? Turns out it applies to physical exercise too. Classes should strike a balance between being fun and serious, Beloni says.

“A stationary bike should offer a variety of inspiring workouts that both keep the rider engaged but are also well thought-out to help a rider reach their fitness goals,” he says. Specifically, they should “have some fundamental structure and progression to them so the rider will continue to see long-term improvement,” he says. Otherwise, your interest could wane, and your level of physical fitness with it.

But still, classes shouldn’t be all party with no reward. “Workouts solely for entertainment might provide a short-term fitness boost, but performance might plateau if this is all a person does,” Beloni warns.

The good news? The MYX Plus has a solid lineup of classes that use heart rate-based training to make sure you’re constantly improving. But it doesn’t have live classes or output-based success metrics, which might be a bummer if you get motivated by competition.

Performance monitoring

As Beloni says, “the ability to track activities and log your fitness across platforms is important for a lot of athletes.” Comparing your stats from one day to the next and watching yourself improve in real time is an empowering experience.

“An indoor stationary bike that has the ability to export your activities to multiple fitness tracking platforms is a big win because then you can keep all of your fitness tracking in one place rather than having to adopt yet another platform,” Beloni says.

The MYX Plus can connect with your Apple watch to monitor heart rate and sync with Apple Health to give you a well-rounded view of all your workouts. But if you use Fitbit or another fitness tracker, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to the same.

But how does the MYX Plus stack up to competitors?

With the modern fitness market flooded with options, we know all too well how difficult it can be to identify the pick of the litter. (And seriously, who among us wants to deal with the hassle of coordinating a return and a refund?)

So, here’s a side-by-side comparison to make the choice a little easier:

MYX Plus BikePeloton BikeNordicTrack S22i BikeBowflex C6 BikeSchwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike
Dimensions54 L x 21 W x 47 H in.59 L x 53 H x 23 W in. 55 L x 29 W x 56.9 H in.48.7 L x 21.2 W x 51.8 H in.45 L x 23 W x 49 H in.
Weight limit350 Ibs.297 Ibs. 350 Ibs.300 Ibs. 300 Ibs.
Membership$29/month$39/monthfirst year free, then $39/monthnot requirednone apparently available
Warranty12 months12 months HD touch screen, bike components, pedals, labor; 5 years frame1 year labor, 2 years parts, 10 years frame1 year labor; 3 years parts1 year labor, 2 years mechanical and electrical, 5 years frame
Return policywithin 30 dayswithin 30 dayswithin 30 dayswithin 6 weekswithin 6 weeks

Whether you’re a newbie cyclist or a professional rider, the MYX Plus can provide a top-notch workout experience that encompasses a range of exercise types, including cycling, strength training, high intensity interval training, and yoga. Best of all, it’s outfitted with a swivel touch screen capable of streaming everything from news shows to scenic foregrounds to prerecorded classes.

All in all, the MYX Plus is a stellar option for people who are on the hunt for a cheap(er) alternative to the Peloton or are interested in heart rate-based training.