When you hear the words strawberry shortcake, you usually think of either a pretty summertime dessert of fresh strawberries, fluffy cake, and whipped cream … or that children’s character with the red hair that smells like strawberries (or Jolly Ranchers). But after you slurp up this milkshake, that’s all going to change. The classic combination makes an irresistible and memorable milkshake. Here, we use crisp vanilla wafer cookies (another childhood mainstay?) in place of the cake for added texture and crunch.

This recipe was featured as part of our Milk Shakes photo gallery.

  • Yield: 1 – 2 servings
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: Under 5 mins
  • Active: Under 5 mins

Ingredients (4)

  • 4 – 6 tablespoons milk
  • 1 pint strawberry ice cream
  • 4 crushed vanilla wafer cookies
  • whipped cream


  1. Combine 4 to 6 tablespoons milk and 1 pint strawberry ice cream in a blender or a food processor fitted with a blade attachment.
  2. Pulse 8 to 10 times or until mostly smooth. Add 4 crushed vanilla wafer cookies, and pulse 4 to 5 times more to combine.
  3. Pour into a chilled pint glass, top with whipped cream (if desired), and serve.