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About the Team

Greatist is here to help you live better, and that starts with what you eat. Our team of food editors covers everything from cooking tips and recipes to nutrition advice and meal plans.

Whether you’re learning to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs or want to know which B12 supplements are right for you, you can trust that all Greatist content is evidence-based, science-backed, and expert-approved.

Our food editors work closely with our Medical, Fact Check, and Copy Edit teams to ensure that our content is not only delicious and good-looking but also medically accurate and up to date.

A few of the things we love to cover:

  • cooking basics
  • recipes
  • meal planning
  • diets and eating plans
  • nutrition
  • gut health
  • kitchen hacks
  • cooking gear
  • food culture
  • holiday food and entertaining

The Editors

Ashley Sepanski, Senior Editor

Adam Felman, Food Editor

SaVanna Shoemaker, Nutrition Editor

DeVonne Goode, Lifestyle Editor

Ruby Thompson, Market Editor

Carley Millhone, Health Editor

Naomi Farr, Books Editor

Catherine Clark, Updates Editor

The Nutrition Team

Greatist Editorial Guidelines

Stumbling upon health and wellness tips is easy. It's non-stop, everywhere. But knowing that you found vetted, trustworthy, and relevant information? Absolute work. Greatist is here to make the journey easier. We’re distilling health information into stories that make sense, so you can focus on feeling your best as yourself. Read more about our process

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