This recipe has been around since I was a kid and that 80+ years I have seen it with many names over the years, such a Toad in a hole, Eggs in a basket and so on. Some of the recipes are very exotic, but this is very simple. This recipe is in memory of my brother-in-law who said they made it every morning in the powerhouse he worked in.

  • Yield: As much bread and eggs as you have.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: 5 minutes per SITE
  • Active: 5 minutes

Ingredients (4)

  • Bread (best white bread you have) one slice for each Spit In The eye
  • Eggs one for each SITE
  • Butter (each side of bread)
  • salt and pepper ( and a little hot sauce if desired)


  1. Butter each side of the bread. Heat skillet to medium heat an add two pats of butter to the pan.
  2. Using a small glass, like a whiskey glass, cut out the middle of each bread and set the small circle aside. Add bread and the circle to the pan an lightly toast each side.
  3. Break egg into the middle of bread, when cooked enough flip to cook the other side. salt and pepper each side and add some hot sauce if desired. Plate and enjoy a Spit In The Eye or whatever you call it that day