Hopping on a flight to Spain isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) way to cure a tapas craving. (If only…) A better option: whipping up one of these nine Spanish recipes. For times when Barcelona ain’t gonna happen, at least you can transport your taste buds.

1. One-Pan Spanish Chicken and Rice

This recipe does so many things right. Easy? Check. Limited cleanup? Check. Heaps of flavor? Check. Filling? Double check. Both the chicken and rice are cooked with a homemade mix of Spanish spices, giving them deep flavor and just the right amount of heat. Add sliced green olives for extra Spanish flair and serve with sangria.

2. Potatoes Bravas With Chorizo, Fried Eggs, and Garlic Aioli

Ordering patatas bravas at a restaurant usually ends in a grease and mayo coma. While sometimes worth it (at least we tell ourselves that before the stomachache commences), making them at home means you can curb the oil, spice up the mayo, and triple time the flavor. This recipe uses chorizo (a Spanish staple), parsley, paprika, store-bought hot sauce, and a garlic-infused aioli to give new (and healthier) life to this tapas favorite.

3. Spanish Chickpea and Spinach Stew

Spanish food has a reputation for being meat-heavy, but the vegetarian dishes are equally as amazing. This stew packs in the nutrients with spinach, chickpeas, brown rice, tomatoes, almonds, and parsley, and goes heavy on the spices for that rich Spanish taste. Serve with flaky white fish (like cod) for extra protein or dollop a scoop of Greek yogurt on top.

4. Spanish Shrimp

This impressive-looking dish couldn’t be simpler. Shrimp is tossed in a pan with salt and pepper and oil, then doused with an eight-spice blend (hello, flavor) and chopped parsley, and served with grilled or toasted bread. Perfect for an impromptu date night, protein-packed dinner, or for those nights you realize you only have frozen shrimp in the fridge. To keep it low-carb, skip the bread and add the sautéed shrimp to a pile of wilted spinach.

5. Easy Seafood Paella

Lobster and saffron? Woah there, fancy pants. While this dish is great as is, it certainly isn’t the cheapest to make. If you’re looking to scale back on spending, substitute mussels or white fish for the lobster and turmeric for the saffron. You’ll still get that beautiful golden color and rich seafood taste. (Psst… adding a pat of ghee adds an extra flavor dimension too.)

6. Easy Homemade Churros With Chocolate Sauce

Wait, we can make churros in 30 minutes?! Why yes, yes we can. The fluffy dough is surprisingly easy to make, as is the homemade chocolate sauce. (If chocolate isn’t your thing, try the butterscotch or raspberry alternates in the recipe.) Simply prep the dough, fry in oil, cover in cinnamon and sugar, and dip in whichever sauce you fancy.

7. Spanish Bruschetta

We’re about to let you in on one of the best cooking tips ever: The key to killer toasted bread is rubbing it with a piece of garlic. Yup, that simple. (P.S. This works wonders on grilled cheese!) Giving it a subtle garlicky taste, this creates the perfect base for tart tomato sauce and refreshing basil. A fun spin on the ever-so-popular Italian version, this bruschetta will be your new party trick.

8. Tortilla Española

Fun fact: Spanish tortilla isn’t actually a tortilla. It’s more like an omelet, but it’s secretly stuffed with golden potatoes and chopped onion, making the omelet-esque dish much more substantial than plain ol’ eggs. Feel free to throw in ham or chorizo to make it extra Española or simply serve with hot sauce.

9. Arroz Con Leche

Rice pudding is an often overlooked but easy and crazy-tasty dessert. Made with short-grain rice (like Arborio), cinnamon, milk, vanilla, and lemon, all it requires is a little bit of patience when it comes to stirring. If you’re dairy-free, opt for coconut milk, and for a more natural sugar, try honey or maple syrup. (Pro tip: This also tastes great made with quinoa instead of rice.)