Summer’s here and it’s hot, y’all. We’re on the lookout for anything that’ll cool us down. Bonus if it’s delicious. Double bonus if we can get some servings of veggies at the same time. Hello smoothie popsicles, where’ve you been hiding??

As if we needed another reason to get on the popsicle train, they also stay fresh for weeks in the freezer. So you can pop one out any time you need a cool down.

If the idea of veggies in your popsicle makes you raise an eyebrow, don’t worry. Just like with smoothies, veggies like kale, cucumber, and carrot don’t only mix seamlessly, with the right recipe they add to the flavor of your popsicle. And lucky for you, we found all the right recipes and added them below.

1. Use a high-power blender

Just about any smoothie recipe can get repurposed into a popsicle, but having a quality machine will help you avoid chunks of beets or carrots in your frozen treat.

2. Cut back on the liquids

Too much of a liquid, like water, almond milk, or juice, might create little chunks of ice blocks that you can chip your teeth on. Since you don’t need popsicles to be thin enough to drink, you can get away with adding a little less liquid.

3. Save that last bit of smoothie in a mold

Even if you want to keep your drinkable smoothie game strong throughout the summer, there’s always that little bit of extra that seems to be just too much for your glass. Don’t waste it! Stash it in a popsicle mold in the freezer.

Ready to get blending? Here are nine tasty recipes that’ll have you eating (and actually enjoying) your veggies all summer long.

1. Cucumber coconut lime popsicles from The Kitchen McCabe

Put de lime in the coconut and freeze it all up! (And add a bit of refreshing cucumber while you’re at it.) These creamy vegan pops will put you in mind of a tropical spa day.

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2. Carrot cake popsicles from Cookie Named Desire

With cinnamon and ginger for earthy flavor and a bit of frozen banana for bulk, these pops are the wholesome frozen version of your favorite birthday cake. The addition of cream cheese completes the frosted carrot cake flavor package.

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3. Blueberry kale pops from Oh My Veggies

Three ingredients, 5-minute prep, and antioxidants galore? We’re sold! Kale, blueberries, and grape juice are all you need to make these superfood treats. But with the sweetness of the berries and juice, we’re pretty sure you won’t even taste the kale.

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4. Green smoothie popsicles from As Easy As Apple Pie

If there’s one veggie that hides well in smoothies and popsicles, it’s spinach. Get your daily greens — plus a megadose of vitamin C from pineapple and orange juice — with these light and fruity pops. Your immune system will thank you.

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5. Carrot mango popsicles from Raise Vegan

Carrots, mango, and orange juice mix to orange-hued perfection in these simple smoothie pops. Toss in a chunk of fresh ginger for an anti-inflammatory boost.

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6. Strawberry beet smoothie pops from Sidewalk Shoes

Beets can be, shall we say, an acquired taste. If you’re not the biggest fan (but still want to reap their nutritional benefits, like fiber, iron, and calcium) try them melded into these unique smoothie pops. OJ and strawberries help mask beets’ bitter taste, while blended cashews add protein and creaminess.

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7. Peaches and cream popsicles from Love and Zest

Tomatoes in popsicles? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! This recipe takes plump orange cherry tomatoes — known for their sweetness — and blends them with peaches for a color (and flavor) match made in heaven. Since the ratio of fruit to veggies skews heavily toward the peaches here, no one may be the wiser.

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8. Spinach kiwi popsicles from Kiipfit

Spinach strikes again — this time with tangy kiwi, a dash of hempseed, and a refreshing coconut water base. With minimal prep and all plant-based ingredients, it’s easy being green!

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9. Rhubarb and Greek yogurt popsicles from The View From Great Island

If you ask us, rhubarb doesn’t get enough love. Elevate this underdog of vegetables by whipping it up into a tasty jam, then swirling it with Greek yogurt into creamy popsicles. Not only will you get a gorgeous ruby red color, you’ll rack up rhubarb’s high potassium, vitamin C, and calcium content.

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Sarah Garone is a nutritionist, freelance writer, and food blogger. Find her sharing down-to-earth nutrition info at A Love Letter to Food or follow her on Twitter.