No matter how health-conscious your lifestyle, pizza night is one comforting ritual that’s near impossible to give up. And while we’d all love to spend a few hours whipping up our own sourdough crusts, homemade marinara, and perfectly julienned produce to keep things in check, our incessantly busy lives and desperate need to relax don’t always allow for such culinary pleasures.

Get to your Netflix queue faster without sacrificing your healthy-eating streak by skipping the greasy, mysterious delivery pie and opting for one of these seven frozen—yes, frozen—pizzas. Bursting with fresh, whole toppings; sauces; and cheeses, they’re a far cry from the frostbitten, chemical- and regret-ridden slices we remember from college.

1. Whole Foods Market Marinated Grilled Vegetables on Wheat Flour Crust Wood-Fired Pizza

This wood-fired winner packs a punch. Its crisp, flavorful wheat crust is piled high with fresh-tasting broccoli, asparagus, marinated bell peppers, zucchini, and grilled eggplant—a surprisingly diverse lot compared to the paltry canned mushrooms-and-onions combo you often see on veggie pies. It all comes together with a smear of real tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and rich smoked provola for an unexpected kick. And it’ll only cost you 260 calories per serving. ($5.99;

2. Caulipower Veggie Pizza

Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? The team behind this gluten-free option transforms the versatile, fiber-rich veg into a satisfyingly hearty (yet markedly low-sugar) crust then smothers it with velvety, garlic-scented, vine-ripened tomato sauce; a hefty dose of mozzarella; and a smattering of colorful bell peppers. Dress this one up by adding a little sliced chicken breast, marinated tofu, or whatever other veggies you have on hand and you’re in business.($39.96 for 4;

3. California Pizza Kitchen White Recipe Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

CPK turned the gourmet pizza world upside-down decades ago and continues to be a reliable source for a quick, not-so-bad-for-you slice fix. The white pie is as smooth and creamy as they come. Its blend of ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano, and nutty Asiago sings in perfect harmony with a fragrant buttermilk-based garlic sauce, leafy green spinach, and extra splash of garlic, all atop CPK’s signature crispy-crunchy crust.It’s a bit more indulgent than the others—320 calories and 17 grams of fat per serving—but with all that cheesy goodness, it’s also twice as filling.($8.06;

4. Roberta’s Baby Sinclair Pizza

Brooklyn’s beloved Neapolitan pizza purveyor recently branched out into the frozen foods aisle, and our taste buds couldn’t be happier. Treat yourself to whole, sustainably sourced ingredients like nine-month aged cheddar, Parmigiano, thick bunches of charred dinosaur kale, fresh garlic, and fiery Calabrian chiles, cradled in a pristinely blistered, delectably chewy, scratch-made dough crust.Few frozen pies can best this wood-fired and blast-chilled one in flavor. And while it’s on the higher end calorie-wise with 360 per serving, it’s also got 14 grams of protein and just .5 of sugar plus a nice showing of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.($10.49;

5. Esti Foods Frozen Mediterranean Pizza

The Athens, Greece-based company behind this zesty, olive-studded addition focuses on premium regional products made with all-natural ingredients. Inside the box, non-GMO tomato sauce lays the foundation for a steamy mix of real mozzarella, smoky gouda, and authentic Greek feta and anthotyros cheeses. Those are topped with a heavy hand of red peppers, chopped tomatoes, spinach, and briny kalamatas. All that for a mere 251 calories and 11 grams of fat per serving.($6.79;

6. DiGiorno Thin & Crispy Garden Vegetable Pizza

We know what you’re thinking: DiGiorno? Healthy? As it turns out, big name doesn’t always mean big mistake, and while you definitely want to avoid that meat lover’s stuffed crust situation, this veggie-laden number, with its 210 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber per serving, fits the bill. The preservative-free crust, as expected, is quite thin, providing a toasted, crackery base for gooey part-skim mozzarella, yellow and red peppers, chunky tomatoes, red onions, zucchini, and a bright, basil-laced Parmesan topping. ($4.39;

7. Amy’s Cheese Pizza

We’re rounding out the list with an oldie but a goodie. Amy’s has long been a go-to for healthier frozen entrees and for good reason. The 6.2-ounce portion is ideal, allowing hungrier pizza fiends to crush the entire thing without feeling too guilty about it, and the whopping 18 grams of protein acts as a fantastic bonus.Creamy part-skim mozzarella stretches over a peppery tomato, honey, red onion, and garlic sauce. And the whole shebang is made with organic, Kosher ingredients free of GMOs. Try tossing on a handful of fresh veggies or lean cooked meat before you bake for some extra flavor and texture. ($7.49;