From beauty products and single-girl swag to wine and household goodies, you can get pretty much anything delivered to you in the form of a professional care package on a monthly basis. And while the subscription-box trend has gone a little nuts, we have to admit these food boxes make it super easy to have healthy, delicious snacks and good-for-you ingredients on deck at all times. We’ve rounded up our favorite food (and drink)-filled boxes to make eating well a breeze.

1. Love With Food

This box lets you try out eight or more unique organic or all-natural snacks, like sweet chipotle almonds and Snapea Crisps, every month. The best part? Buy a box, and Love with Food will donate a meal to a food bank in the country, most of which benefit children. That’s a deal we feel good about. (Starting at $7.99;

2. Graze

With trail mix options like cinnamon fig roll and chai latte, snacking has never tasted so good. And these single-serving snacks are always made from high-quality ingredients, so you don’t have to worry what’s making them taste amazing. Enter your snack preferences when ordering, and Graze will handpick snacks for you from more than 100 items—cross your fingers for the lemon drizzle oat bars. ($11.99;

3. Hamptons Lane

For those with more experience in the kitchen, Hamptons Lane is a the perfect way to try specialty kitchen tools and artisanal ingredients each month. Boxes are themed (Southern Breakfast and Rustic Italian are two popular recent options) and include four to seven tools and full-size ingredients. Don’t like the theme? Skip a month for no charge. ($47,

4. UrthBox

With gluten-free, vegan, classic, and diet options, and one- to six-month subscriptions, UrthBox caters to all kinds of healthy lifestyles. Each box is filled with full-size savory and sweet snacks, such as dried meats, nuts, and granola, and healthy beverages (think: coconut water and nutrition shakes). Stash some at the office, in your purse, and at home—that bag of potato chips doesn’t stand a chance. (Starting at $19.99,

5. Butcher Box

Not knowing where your meat comes from can be scary. Take the guesswork out of how it’s prepared by getting grass-fed, hormone-free, and humanely raised beef, chicken, and pork sent to your door (in pre-portioned packages!). The box comes with enough meat for around 20 meals and is curated each month with different cuts of meat, from sirloin tips to ground beef to short ribs. Frequency options include monthly, every other month, or once every three months. ($129,

6. Bestowed Box

Want an all-around wellness experience? Try out Bestowed Box, which comes chock-full of healthy lifestyle products, from skin essentials, such as hand soap and suntan lotion, to nutritious treats and handy snacks. Past food products include full-size Wholly Guacamole and an assortment of Ginger Shots. It’s the perfect way to jump-start (or stay excited about) living a healthy life. ($20;

7. Naturebox

For $5 a month, Naturebox subscribers get 40 percent off more than 100 snacks. Browse the website and fill a box with your favorite healthy treats—salt and vinegar veggie chips, sweet blueberry almonds, and peanut butter graham jam are just a few favorites. While the element of surprise is gone, it’s a good way to ensure you like what’s in the box. Shipping is free on orders over $25; trust us, it won’t be hard to reach that! ($5 subscription plus the cost of snacks;

8. Healthy Surprise

So long, chips, chocolate bars, and sugary lunch-box snacks. Filled with gluten-, soy-, and corn-free vegan or Paleo treats, the Healthy Surprise box helps you discover tasty new snacks you can feel good about eating, like cavemen cookies and roasted seaweed. The monthly box makes it way easier to stay on track when you’re out and about. (Starting at $42.49;

9. Blissmo BREAKbox

Make avoiding preservative-laden vending machine snacks easy by subscribing to Blissmo’s BREAKbox. Each box includes healthy afternoon pick-me-ups like sweet and salty nuts, gourmet granolas, and gluten-free crackers. With four different box sizes ranging from personal to groups of 30 people, BREAKbox is an ideal office purchase. (Staring at $39.95,

10. MistoBox

Step out of your coffee comfort zone and try new roasts from around the country with MistoBox. The caffeinated subscription box sends 12-ounce bags of freshly roasted coffee based on your roast and coffee-type preferences (blends, espresso, decaf), and can be delivered on a weekly to monthly frequency level. Skip the long lines and whipped cream temptations and be your own barista this year. (Starting at $15.99,

11. Vegan Cuts

Most vegans are accustomed to looking high and low for the newest vegan products—Vegan Cuts now makes it easy, sending 10 or more delicious snacks per month. Products range from vegan treats such as fig bars and peanut butter cups to foods you didn’t think could be animal-free (nice to meet you, vegan marshmallows). ($20;

12. Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box

If you’re a foodie and music aficionado, this is the subscription box for you. Subscribers receive a seven-inch vinyl single; a digital mixtape; up to two fresh, local ingredients; and three seasonal recipes each month. Cue the ultimate kitchen dance party. ($25;

13. Amoda

Whether you are a tea lover or a first-time sipper, there are so many teas out there waiting to be tried. Amoda sends subscribers four premium teas (each tea makes 3-5 cups) each month, along with biodegradable tea filters and steeping instructions. Fill out a short questionnaire to have teas recommended based on taste preferences, and try fun flavors like Coconut Bellini and Berry Maple Waffles, or variations on classics (Lime Green With Envy, anyone?). Besides its calming effect, tea has many health benefits that will make you want to keep sipping. ($20;

Originally published April 2012. Updated December 2016.