Rose Veal is devine cuisine that is a year round culinary delight. To BBQ/Grill the lean chops/steaks I got this piece of advise from an expericenced butcher Marcello Castellano. He has an almost new meat shop on 200- Meadowood Drive in Winnipeg [St. Vital] and does most of our cutting. To Grill Rose Veal steaks they should be marinated first for 12-24 hrs. Add citrus juice to Rose Veal marinade as the meat is very lean, Citrus with the marinade will help break down the tissue, when the steaks come off the grill they will literally fall apart. We tried it, unbelievable, Our customers say the same: I never knew a steak could be so tender, I’ve never had a better steak. It works with great with all cuts of steak, blade, sirloin,rib, t-bone, or round.

  • Yields: Grill as many as you need.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: Grill time about 8 to 10 mins for 3/4 inch thick cut.

Ingredients (3)

  • As many steaks as you need. They are usually about 8-oz.
  • Your favorite marinade plus- citrus juice- orange – pineapple or?
  • Add season and spice in the marinade, if you desire.


  1. Thaw steaks.—Poke steaks with fork before putting in the marinade.
  2. Use a sealable bag or container to put the Rose Veal steaks, marinade and citrus juice in. Place in fridge for 12-24 hrs.
  3. Remove from fridge when you are ready to grill. Have grill at about 300 degrees F and put the steaks on. Grill until they have reached your desired finish ie- medium-well /etc.