The humble smoothie might be the most underrated meal in your arsenal: Healthy ingredients blended to taste like happiness in a glass? Count us in. But there’s more to a good smoothie than dumping ingredients in a blender and hitting purée.

To make sure you’re getting the most nutritious meal possible, you need to find the right balance of fresh fruits and veggies, superfoods, and liquid in a combination that actually tastes good. If you’d rather skip the trial and error portion of creating the perfect smoothie, check out our Greatist Hits smoothie subscription we created with our go-to smoothie subscription box, GreenBlender.

For the month of June, you’ll have the option to add some of our custom (and seriously delicious) smoothies to your GreenBlender box. Once you order, all the ingredients will be shipped right to your door so all you have to do is dump, blend, and sip.

Ready to drool? Here are the recipes coming your way:

1. Chocolate Mint Refresher

A chilly, chocolatey blend of cacao powder, mint, banana, pear, and kale (for those healthy greens).

2. Shake Your Matcha Maker

Your favorite latte ingredient now has its own smoothie! Apple, spinach, banana, and a dusting of coconut flakes are the backup stars here.

3. High Protein Blueberry-Oat

You’ll actually be able to make it to lunchtime without sneaking to the vending machine with this filling smoothie that features superfoods like hemp seeds, almond butter, and yellow squash.

4. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Because we support dessert for breakfast, we came up with this rendition of rhubarb pie that sneaks in a dose of goji berries for a shot of superfood and extra cashews for creaminess.

5. Hawaiian Green Smoothie

Add an umbrella and pretend you’re on the beach while drinking this refreshing green smoothie packed with apples, pineapple, cucumber and almonds.

To try our Greatist-approved recipes, order online here. Your daily smoothie has never been easier, or tastier. Cheers!