It can be easy to get into a veggie rut. Maybe you buy the same two bags of spinach and kale each week, or are more of a peppers-and-onions-on-everything kind of person. Whatever your style, it can be nice to break up the routine every once in a while—and this month, we vote you do so with bok choy.

If you’re already cooking with it on the reg, scroll down for new recipes, but if you mostly know it as something mixed into your Chinese takeout, here’s the deal: Bok choy is in the cruciferous family of veggies, alongside broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale. As far as texture, it’s more of a mix of those last two—soft, buttery, and a little sweet when cooked. It’s also packed with vitamins K and C, and a good amount of potassium and calcium.

You can find bok choy all year round, but since it’s best in the early spring, we thought we’d offer up some boy choy recipes to try while it’s at its peak.

1. Sesame Ginger Noodles

File this under “last-minute meals ready in 15 minutes.” It’ll convince you to stock sesame seeds in your pantry since it makes the best topping for these gingery sesame noodles. The recipe calls for brown rice noodles, but you can use whatever’s on hand or swap it out for zoodles if you prefer. Bok choy and green onion add a variety of textures and a serving of veggies.

2. Salmon Teriyaki With Bok Choy

Since you’ve likely made one-pan dinners before, we recommend swapping out Brussels, green beans, or whatever other green veg you usually go for with bok choy this time. The same teriyaki ginger marinade goes over the salmon and leaves, and trust us… you’ll want to make more to put on just about everything.

3. Asian Ginger Bok Choy Salad

When a bowl of mixed greens sounds too boring to cope, try this bok choy salad. You can eat the leaves and the stems, so slice ’em up and use both as a base for peppers, carrots, green onion, and roasted peanuts. If the dressing is giving you a headache, you can always top it with a store-bought Asian vinaigrette, like this Annie’s bottle.

4. Shrimp and Bok Choy Turmeric Soup

Make your rainy day/feeling crummy soup a little more interesting with this turmeric chicken broth soup. It’s filled with bok choy, onions, shrimp, mushrooms, and carrots, and will leave you feeling warm, cozy, and full.

5. Mushroom and Bok Choy Ramen

Speaking of soup, ramen’s time as the food of the moment may have passed, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still enjoying it… especially when we can make it at home! After all, all those $15 bowls add up real quick. This miso soup version is full of good eats, from tofu to bok choy to enoki mushrooms.

6. Baby Bok Choy Sesame Salad

If you’re a fan of shaved Brussels sprouts, you’ll love this chopped bok choy mix. It’s got plenty of the classic Chinese chicken salad ingredients, including dry ramen noodles, sliced almonds, scallions, and sesame seeds, all tossed in an easy sesame dressing. Serve it as a side or add in some grilled chicken slices to make it a full meal.

7. Smothered Chicken With Baby Bok Choy

This chicken bake looks like your average casserole, with one surprising ingredient: bok choy. It basically acts as a stand-in for broccoli or spinach, and tastes just as good mixed in with mushrooms, juicy chicken thighs, and white wine gravy. Serve over cauliflower rice to lighten things up a little.