There’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy a delicious (and nutritious) homemade meal. But we rarely have the time during the week to find a recipe, shop for ingredients, and prepare something. And then there’s the risk that the recipe we grabbed off Pinterest won’t actually be as mouthwatering as it looks in photos. It’s no wonder we find ourselves ordering takeout or popping another frozen dinner into the microwave—it just seems easier.

But we said good-bye to our takeout habit after discovering Plated, a food delivery service that sends chef-created recipes and perfectly portioned ingredients right to your door. Cooking restaurant-quality meals has never been so easy!

The cuisines range from Thai to Greek to Mexican, so we had no trouble picking out meals we liked. In fact, we found two new favorites in our first Plated box: squash, ricotta, and sage tartine with an apple salad, and blood orange wild salmon with brown butter gnocchi—talk about yum! And we felt great about the food we were eating because Plated uses artisanal meats (raised without antibiotics or added hormones) and sustainably sourced seafood.

The recipes were super easy to follow and came with plenty of photos (perfect for people like us who don’t know our way around the kitchen). Plus, each recipe takes 30 minutes or less, and we didn’t waste any time measuring ingredients because everything was already portioned out. Even better, each serving costs $12, which is cheaper than going out to buy these high-quality ingredients at the grocery store. Every meal makes two servings, so you can share it with a friend or your special someone—or just save it for lunch the next day and watch your co-workers swoon over your culinary creation.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get started on your first Plated box.

This post is sponsored by Plated. We take our partnerships seriously, which is why we’ll never collaborate with a brand unless we profoundly believe in their mission. We think Plated fits that bill—we trust them to make a difference and they trust us to write great articles that (like everything on our site) are science-backed, informative, and original.