Illustration by Shannon Orcutt

Love the club but not the carbs? Switch in 100 percent whole-wheat bread to make that towering club a little more wholesome. If you’re really looking to health-ify this lunch classic, ditch the middle slice of bread (although some purists may object!).

Do it Today: Have a healthier day by adding some fiber and protein at lunchtime with a club sandwich made with slices of whole-wheat bread.

Commit to Health in April:

It’s not too late to join our April DIY challenge! Greatist has teamed up with Social Workout to host a healthy living campaign consisting of two do-it-yourself goals — preparing home-cooked meals and doing bodyweight exercises. Sign up for the challenge and get for your healthiest spring ever.

Veggie Power:

No carbs, no problem. Make pizza crust out of cauliflower instead of dough!