In our weekly Q&A installment, we asked The Greatist Team and readers who is their role model for living a healthy and happy life. Here’s what they had to say. One of my BFFs, Kara. She was my very first gym buddy back in high school and a crazy dedicated runner. Plus you gotta' respect someone who can keep it real and bake an awesome rum cake when its time for a treat. And she'll be so embarrassed that I said this! — My little sister, Jil! Although she's younger than me, I look up to her dedication to running and always aiming to be better. In addition to being one of the most fit people I know, she also keeps me sane by always being a phone call away and giving great advice on staying positive and upbeat. Don't know what I'd do without her! — When I need healthy and happy inspiration, I look inward. I often think about what my body has allowed me to accomplish (thanks for letting me run eight miles, legs), and what foods I often crave (you really want vegetables?!) and am so incredibly thankful. I believe that living a healthy life is extremely personal, and so my only role-model can! When I've tried to look at celebrity fitness gurus for advice, I'm often intimidated by their twelve-pack abs and extremely clean diets-- things I've realized I'll probably never achieve. But I'm totally okay with that! — My dad and mom are amazing role models especially when it comes to health and happiness. My dad was the one who changed my path in life to one of health and fitness, by becoming my running partner and getting me interested in lifting weights when I was in middle school. He still inspires me by going to the gym every single day, and he knows that exercise is his ticket to a long, healthy life. He says he hates it, but I think he likes knowing he is going to be around a long time for his grand kids. My mom is the lemonade queen. She has been handed more than her share of lemons, yet she has this incredible knack for always seeing the positive in any situation. Throughout my life, she has taught by example, and she continues to show me that by finding the positives, no matter what, every day can be a happy one. — My little brother, Will. He's been learning to live with Asperger's Syndrome for 12 years — going through dozens of ups and downs, diagnoses and mis-diagnoses. But despite everything, he has the best sense of humor of any person I know, and whenever I see his smile (or one of his ridiculous faces) I really can't help but smile myself and remember that positivity goes a long way. Plus, he likes to challenge me to pushup and arm wrestling contests — added fitness benefit! — Kate Morin There is no need for introductions... he's just the man: Dr. Mehmet Oz. — Jenn Carmona