This Sunday’s Links We Love brings you health and fitness inspiration and innovation from around the web. This week, we have an infographic about one of the greatest athletes of all time and a DIY Chipotle recipe! We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:

Is Kelly Slater the Greatest Athlete Ever? [Infographic] — The Inertia

Move over, Lebron. Surfer Kelly Slater may take the cake when it comes to the most amazing fitness feats.


Are You Willing To Pay More For Healthy Food? — The Daily Spark

A recent found people aren’t putting money where their (healthy) mouth is.


Can Loneliness and Living Alone Shorten Your Lifespan? — The Daily Dose

Forget fried food and chronic stress: Swinging solo may also affect longevity.

Blog Spotlight

Simplified Chipotle Burrito Bowls — The Edible Perspective

It’s time to bring Chipotle to our own kitchen. Check out this easy recipe that’s tasty, wallet friendly, and totally healthy, too!

Grab Bag

Where the Hell Is Matt — [Video]

Dancing Matt is back with a new video! Watch his latest travels, twirls, and taps from around the world.