A Crazy Running Bike, Boxed Wine Disguised, and More

Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness inspiration from around the web. This week, we have a video of a crazy bike-meets-run contraption, and an interesting way to set goals. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:



Crazy Running Bike Unleashed on the World — Runner’s World

What happens when you cross running with biking (besides “bunning”)? You get this crazy contraption that provides the best of both fitness worlds.


Boxed Wine Now Comes in a High End Fashion Purse — NPR The Salt

Boxed wine. Shaped as a handbag. Need we say more?


The Surefire Way to Stick To Your Goals — the DailyMuse

Nope, it’s not a to-do list, or an ice-cream sundae reward. Learn about a website that helps people keep their goals with an interesting incentive.

Blog Spotlight

The Back-to-School Mindset: How to Stay Positive — Positively Present

School is in session! Forget the post-summer blues with these tips to make any start of the school-year a great one.

Grab Bag

“You Know What Distracts You From Happiness? Rushing” — The Happiness Project

Sloooow down. This thought-proving interview discusses all-things happiness, including what may stop people from feeling content.