Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness inspiration from around the web. This week, we have two awesome infographics, a cartoon, and some downright killer articles. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:

Is Your City the Fittest? [Infographic] — MapMyFitness
For World Health Day, the tracking app MapMyFitness decided to challenge their users to hit the streets and get moving. Find out which city moved the most.

Hangover Foods From Around the World — Foodbeast
Greasy egg sandwiches aren’t the go-to hangover food everywhere. Check out what people are eating around the world after a night out on the town.
The 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Allergies — Discovery Fit + Health
Just when cold season is ending, allergy season begins. (Yikes.) Find out if your city is at risk for some pesty allergies, and how you can avoid them.
Blog Spotlight
Cartoon: The Caballo Blanco Story — Tribesports
Caballo Blanco, the famous character from Born to Run, had an amazing story to tell. And here it isin cartoon form!
Grab Bag
Elliptical vs. Treadmill: Which is Better? — BuiltLean
Time to let these two cardio machines battle it out. What are the benefits to both and based on your fitness goals, which should you choose?

[Note: The stories collected here are from outside sources, which don’t always follow Greatist’s strict (and awesome) research standards.]

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