Whenever you hit the gym, we bet you tack on a few extra minutes for some quick moves that target your core. It’s a nice cool-down—and who doesn’t want a strong stomach? But doing continuous crunches (and throwing in a plank or two) gets old fast.

That’s why we’re psyched about the latest Grokker video, which spends nearly 30 minutes focusing on building core strength through slow, controlled moves. You’ll follow Pilates instructor Elaine Hayes through a routine that’s intended for beginners, but easy to level up if you’re looking for a challenge. The moves, such as slow sit-ups, glute bridges, cat-cows, and bird dogs, will make you feel the burn—and provide an awesome stretch for your entire body.

You don’t need a thing for this workout, though a yoga mat might make it more comfortable. After you’ve done a warm-up, press play below to get started.

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