We all have one. That annoying inspiring friend who is somehow always working out (at least according to their #mondaymotivation, #transformationtuesday, and #workoutwednesday Instagrams). Since they already live in a state of pre-gym/at gym/post-gym, surprise them with something other than spandex and sneakers. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.

Side note: If this person is you, congratulations on being the most motivated person in your friends’ social feeds! Now send this link to everyone you know so you don’t spend the holiday faking smiles over yet another pair of sweat-wicking tights.

Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal

Know someone with more finisher medals than necklaces? Who’s more organized than a 1950s secretary? This is the gift for them. The journal will help them stay focused on their goals and provide nutrition and health tips, plus inspiration, along the way. Available at giftfitbook.com ,$16.95

Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit

Doesn’t matter if you sweat, sparkle, or nearly die at the gym, everyone forgets things from time to time. From extra hair bands and earbuds to deodorant and lip balm, this kit has everything you don’t realize you need until, well, you do. Snag one for yourself and a pal.Available at pinchprovisions.com, $22.

FitVine Wine

What’s the point of crushing workouts if you can’t enjoy some wine? FitVine was started by athletes who know there are few things better than a good glass of wine (in moderation, of course) after a grueling sweat session. Available at fitvinewine.com, $15.99.

Practice Peace CorePower Yoga Gift Card

The best hack for gift buying? Getting something that seems more expensive than it is. This Practice Peace gift card only costs 80 bucks but is worth $100. The lucky recipient can use it on class packs, apparel, and accessories at CorePower locations nationwide. Available at corepoweryoga.com, $80 for a $100 gift card.

Lululemon All Day Tote

Chances are your fit friend isn’t just hitting the gym all day. This tote looks like an office-appropriate shoulder bag but allows her to stash her workout gear and stay organized thanks to labeled internal compartments.Available at shop.lululemon.com, $128.

Ban.do Work It Out Exercise Mat

Because motivation comes in many forms. One of them being a triangular slice of pizza. Available at bando.com, $32.

New Balance Shadow Jacket

This edgy find is way cheaper than a leather moto jacket but looks just as badass. Your friend will love the look, but she’ll really appreciate you when she realizes the inside has a mesh liner and sweat-wicking technology to prevent feeling wet and gross when she throws it on post-workout. Available at newbalance.com, $139.99.

Specialized Utility Hoodie

This is the perfect way to subtly suggest he finally get rid of that ragged basketball sweatshirt from college. With a wind- and water-resistant shell and a cozy fleece inside, it’ll be his new go-to when heading to and from the gym, on his daily bike commute, or for bitter cold runs. Available at specialized.com, $150.

Stance Run Socks

These are not the lame socks your mom leaves in your stocking. Stance Run socks look cool, yeah, but it’s the arch-cushion comfort and blister prevention that keep us cramming more in our sock drawers.Available at stance.com for men and women, prices vary.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

What we wish we could fit in our gym bag: our entire shower. What we can actually fit in our gym bag: this shower-in-a-bottle. If your friend is already a dry shampoo devotee, she’ll love being upgraded to this luxe version that’s packed with sweet-smelling lavender and chamomile. If not, prepare to blow her mind and trim her locker room time with this style-saving spray.Available at oribe.com, $22-$44.

WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards

Give the yogi in your life the gift of zen on the go. These yoga cards feature 47 of the most common poses, 5 sequences, 3 breathing exercises, and a meditation card, making it easy to fit in a practice anywhere. Available at amazon.com, $27.95.

Apple Watch Nike+

This next-gen Apple watch’s new features (waterproofing, built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, etc.) transform it from mere arm candy to a solid sports watch. The Nike+ edition has some dope bonus features (brighter screen, easy app accessibility, run scheduler, social challenges) that motivate you to run more—really. The watch also supports subtle lifestyle changes through one-minute meditations and a vibrating reminder to move when you’ve been sitting too long.Available at nike.com, $369.

SKLZ Hydro-Roller

Friends don’t let friends skip foam rolling. Or hydrating. Ensure they do both with this two-in-one foam roller water bottle.Available at sklz.com, $39.99.

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.