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Man Meditating in Grassy Field
14 Totally Normal Thoughts People Have While Trying to Meditate
Feeling Scattered? These 7 Visualizations Can Help You Focus

Feeling Scattered? These 7 Visualizations Can Help You Focus

Because that to-do list isn't going to finish itself.
Woman meditating in the grass.
A woman sitting cross-legged on her bed, meditating

10 Free Meditations to Encourage Restful Sleep

They totally work—even if you're not a meditation-type person.
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Man meditating on a porch

Are You Meditating Yet?

Because you should be.
woman meditating

Meditation Really Is As Good As Your Crunchy Friends Say

You're not your anxiety or depression.
Woman Staring Out at River

Exactly What to Do to Get Out of Your Own Head

These 5 steps will finally get you there.
Join Our 14-Day Meditation Challenge To Improve Your Relationships
A portrait of the author, Lisa Marie Basile

A Few Tricks for Kicking Insomnia (Without Medication)

Getting my sleep back was, frankly, a magical experience.
13 Meditation Apps to Help You Calm Down, Chill Out, and Relax

13 Meditation Apps That Make Doing It Every Day Easier

Guaranteed to be more soothing than Pokemon Go.
Woman Meditating Outside

How to Make Something You Don't Really Enjoy a Habit

Sticking to a habit without an immediate payoff is tough. Here's what helped me get over the hump.
Breathing Exercise

A 5-Minute Meditation for Better Focus

Feeling crazed? Just press play.
Food Processing Apples

These Hypnotic Food Processing Videos Are Weird and Wonderful

Featuring "the music a supermarket would play if it tried to get in bed with you."
David Bowie Cookie Decorating Video

The Unexpected Benefit of Watching Cookies Being Decorated

There's something seriously mesmerizing about it.
Recolor App Coloring Page

Turn Your Phone Into a Coloring Book With This Free App

It's perfect for catching a moment of Zen on the go.
Manduka Prolite Mat

This Is the Last Yoga Mat You'll Ever Buy

It's super high quality and comes with a lifetime warranty.
They Also Help Boost Moods for People Who Aren't Depressed

These 2 Things Can Help With Depression (and Don’t Cost a Penny)

They also have mood-boosting benefits for people who aren't clinically depressed.
Meditation App

Here's a Meditation App You'll Actually Use

Because you know you already look at your phone all day.
How to Reflect on Your Year

How to Reflect on Your Year in an Actually Useful Way

Just grab a pen and paper to get started.
Adult Coloring Book

The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Started Coloring

And why I recommend it to everyone else.
The Best Way to Keep Little Noises From Driving You Crazy

The Best Way to Keep Little Noises From Driving You Crazy

Easily annoyed by pen tappers and loud talkers? Here's what you can do.