Whether your recipient is hard to please or you’re just over shopping (who isn't at this point?), these gift cards will be most appreciated—and, more importantly, put to good use.

Photo: Tidy

It’s a fact: A spotless home you didn’t have to clean yourself is an absolute treat. Hook peeps up with a Tidy gift card.

($50-$275; tidy.com)

Glossier Gift Card
Photo: Glossier

Few things are more glorious than pretty, dewy skin. Which is why a Glossier gift card is always a good go-to.

($10-$100; glossier.com)

Daily Harvest
Photo: Daily Harvest

Ease them into their meal-prep resolutions with pre-made smoothies, overnight oats, and soups. All they have to do is blend, soak, or heat.

($25-$250; daily-harvest.com)

Outdoor Voices
Photo: Outdoor Voices

An Outdoor Voices gift card will get them that much closer to their dream pair of leggings/sweats/sneaks.

($50-$300; outdoorvoices.com)

Lively Gift Card
Photo: Lively

Nothing strips a woman of her dignity like trying on lingerie under fluorescent lights. Lively lets her do that in the privacy of her own home.

($25-$200; wearlively.com)

Photo: Sugarwish

Your Sugarwish is their carte blanche to binge on savor their favorite candy, whether that’s Runts, Atomic Fireballs, or SweeTarts.

($18.50-$78; sugarwish.com)

Photo: Drybar

You can’t put a price on a good hair day. Or can you?

($10-$500; thedrybar.com)

SoulCycle and ClassPass Gift Cards
Photos: SoulCycle and ClassPass

Boutique fitness classes add up quickly! Whatever their exercise of choice, they’ll appreciate (and definitely use) a credit at their favorite studio.

(prices vary; soul-cycle.com and classpass.com)

Mouth Gift Card
Photo: Mouth

A gift from Mouth is always delicious. A gift from Mouth you get to pick out yourself? That’s livin’.

($25-$500; mouth.com)

Target Gift Card
Photos: Target

No one can walk into Target and spend less than $200. A gift card will ease the blow.

($5-$1,000; target.com)

Whole Foods and Thrive Market
Photos: Thrive Market and Whole Foods

Spending your whole paycheck on groceries isn't fun, but a Whole Foods shopping experience sure is a treat. Not one nearby? Thrive Market is the jam.

($20-$500; thrivemarket.com and wholefoods.com)

Airbnb Gift Card
Photo: Airbnb

Whether they use it for a far-flung getaway or just a staycation, an Airbnb credit won't go to waste.

($25-$500; airbnb.com)

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