Yes, we’ve all heard the adage: You get what you pay for. You might think that inexpensive sex toys can’t be as satisfying as pricier models, but that’s simply not true. Of course, the best way to find the toy that fits your needs is to stock up and try lots of things to see what will be the most fun. Ultimately, that fulfillment will most likely be found when there are a lot of options at your disposal, including more affordable ones.

While there are some items totally worth the price (looking at you, Hitachi Magic Wand and Sybian), in the end, the item that blows your mind (and, well, the rest of you) isn’t all about dollar signs. It’s just about what feels good and gets the job done. Here are our favorite under-$10 sex toys at the moment.

1. Fetish Fantasy Series Beginning’s Metal Cuffs

Handcuffs are a must for anyone’s sex play arsenal, and these metal cuffs are good for everyone from beginners to more experienced users. While these cuffs have a locking mechanism (what’s the point otherwise), there’s also a (frankly pretty critical) quick-release button that can rescue you if you lose the key. However, despite coming with an easy-out for safety, these have a sturdy design. You can play well and play hard—these cuffs can handle it. ($6;

2. Lynk Pleasure Cock Ring + Anal Plug Combo

Learning to massage a prostate can bring tons of pleasure, but it’s not super easy to do on one’s own. Sex toys help, and this innovative, ultra-affordable toy is a great way to play while having anal sex. ($10;

3. Blindfold With Two Ear Plugs

“When people have sex, they want to experience every inch, every push, and every moan. When the body loses a sense, it overcompensates by maximizing another sense. Sensory deprivation is very hot and heightens and really intensifies pleasure,” says adult film star Christiana Cinn, a former Playboy Cyber Girl and Penthouse Pet. Experimenting with drinking hot and cold water while your partner is blindfolded with earplugs will blow their mind too.($7;

4. Glass Dildo

Glass dildos are the most sanitary of all toys you can put inside yourself because they are so easy to clean. “Glass is super-responsive to temperature, so you can opt to use one chilled or warmed, or alternate between the two, which is ultra-exciting. It’s guaranteed to enhance intimacy,” Cinn says. “Also, shower sex requires silicone lube, and since most dildos are made with silicone, they can’t be used in the shower—but glass dildos can, and are so much fun!” ($9;

5. Pocket Exotics Vibrating Silver Bullet

A bullet vibrator is great to pack for vacations (or sleepovers… or just your bag 24/7…) because it takes up so little room—but packs a serious punch. This smooth, classic silver bullet is a great version and even offers cool multi-speed options. ($9;

6. Herocome Games Waterproof Stimulator Beads

Stimulating beads can bring intense pleasure, giving lots of options for sex play… we say try as many as possible. Insert them anally and slowly pull out either during intercourse, masturbation, or just as you or your partner are finishing. ($5;

7. Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe

There’s nothing like a classic, and this powerful vibrator is a great go-to basic. Change things up by dialing up the power on the base of the vibe until you find the speed that best hits the spot for you. ($9;

8. Bonket Black Soft Handmade Harness Leather Handle Tassels Whip

Use this flogger to toy with your partner, whether they are into spanking or just some light teasing. Once you get into using it, your engines will rev up every time either of you looks at it. ($7;

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