Thera Cane Massager

Let’s just address the elephant in the room. Yes, this back massager looks like something your grandma would own (the name Thera Cane doesn’t help). But when you’ve got muscle aches and pains, relief trumps aesthetics—and boy does this massager deliver.

We used to reach for a heating pad, some ibuprofen, and a foam roller when back pain popped up. If it got really bad, we’d splurge on a massage. But after trying the Thera Cane—and seeing how easy and effective it was—we were full-on converts.

Have aches in your shoulders? Hook the cane onto your upper back and slowly move your arms up and down to unwind any knots. (The less work you do with your arms, the better it works.) How about soreness in the hard-to-reach mid-back? Flip the cane upside down, loop it under your arm, and apply pressure. You can even relieve neck pain by pressing one of the treatment balls lightly against the problem area.

Once we realized how well the Thera Cane worked, we quickly got over its slightly embarrassing appearance—we may have even whipped it out to show some friends at a recent party.