You’ve curled dumbbells, Zumba’d, and cycled on a stationary bike to booming reggaeton. But have you ever done a workout for your mental fitness? We’re not talking crossword puzzles and Sudoku to keep your thinking sharp. We’re talking emotional well-being and happiness.

Turns out that just as we aren’t born with rock-hard abs and a fast 5K time—that’s where exercise comes in—happiness isn’t innate either. With a little intention and a bit of time set aside each day, we can practice being happy and train our way to better moods. Use the Greatist Happiness Tune-Up to get started getting happier.

This week’s Happiness Tune-Up was designed by Happier and its recommendations are evidence-based Regulation of Positive Emotions: Emotion Regulation Strategies That Promote Resilience. Tugade M.M., Frederickson B.L. Journal of Happiness Studies. 2007 Sept; 8(3):311-333.Results of a Study to Increase Savoring the Moment: Differential Impact on Positive and Negative Outcomes. Hurley D.B., Kwon P. Journal of Happiness Studies. 2012 Aug; 13(4):579-588.Does Savoring Increase Happiness? A Daily Diary Study. Jose P.E., Lim B.T., Bryant F.B. The Journal of Positive Psychology. 2012 May; 7(3):176-187.. Happier is inspired by scientific research that shows there are simple things all of us can do to feel more positive, less stressed, and get more of what we want out of life. Happier offers free courses, an interactive gratitude journal, and a supportive, uplifting community.