This past week, The Greatist Team dove full-force into winter mode and tried our hands (er, feet) at ice skating. There were more than a few skating newbies among us, and yours truly had fingers crossed this outing would result in fewer falls than our previous foray into the wheeled version of this locomotion. Fortunately, ice skating instructors and friends of Greatist Angela Chiang and Marni Halasa were on hand to guide us step-by-step and glide-by-glide.

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

The group started off by mastering the very basics: marching, scooter pushes, one-legged glides, and a few different types of swizzles. (There was also some pumping— not the fist kind, though, this isn’t the Jersey Shore.) Of course, we also covered the proper ways to fall and stop, two skills that seemed to go hand-in-hand for a few Greatists in the pack. But before long we were— tentatively, slowly— gliding around without too much trouble or assistance from our instructors. According to Angela, we were even comparable to some of her best students— in the toddler classes. We ended our session with an impromptu synchronized routine, complete with masquerade costumes courtesy of Marni (I was especially fond of my feathered mask). We linked arms to pump in a circle and even managed to pull off a passable pinwheel (again, with much help from our instructors— and our fitness editor’s mom, Helen Chan!). Marni and Angela also showed off some more impressive moves and spins, feats of coordination that proved practice— and some real natural talent— could make for beauty on the ice.

Photo by Marni Halasa

We’ve still got a few more months of winter here in New York City, and after our recent outing, I’m sure some of us will be heading back soon to hone our craft (and maybe actually learn to stop…). A big thanks goes out to Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers for letting us use their facilities— and check it out to learn how to swizzle like a champ right here in the city!