There are workouts, and then there are workouts, and then… there is this guy doing the craziest version of sit-ups we’ve seen in a long time. The video starts slow, as it should, with our protagonist psyching himself up for a legitimately intense 20 seconds of ab-crunching.

First, let us concede that this actually looks pretty difficult (and pretty painful) to pull off, so don’t try this at home. Second, it’s sort of mesmerizing to watch, like an intense dolphin flipping upside down. The fun starts around 0:25 and doesn’t really let up. We’re not entirely sure who the camera(phone)-man is but our thanks go out to him (or her) for sharing a new way to perhaps get six-pack abs. But hey, if it works for this guy then who are we to judge? Right?

What’s the strangest routine you’ve seen in a gym? Let us know in comments below.

Photo by sanchom