Injuries are no fun, but they can be managed with the right tips. In this episode of the Greatist Podcast, Eugene “Bo” Babenko, a doctor in physical therapy, joins us to talk about how to treat the most common sports injuries and return to your favorite activities in the safest possible manner. Click below to listen to the podcast right on our site!


What You Will Learn from This Episode

Eugene "Bo" BabenkoEugene “Bo” Babenko

00:00 – Why you don’t need to drink eight glasses of water every day.

2:16 – The first thing you should do if you think you’re developing a training injury.

3:16 – How long you should wait before going to the doctor after an injury.

6:00 – Should you train through injuries?

7:16 – How to stay active when you’re injured.

8:12 – Does “Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation” help heal injuries?

11:09 – The one choice “Bo” made in the last week to become healthier.

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People On the Show

David Tao

Armi Legge

Eugene “Bo” Babenko

If you listen to this episode on an iPod or other music-playing device, links to these studies will appear on your screen as you listen.Medical myths. Rachel C Vreeman, Aaron E Carroll. BMJ. 2007 December 22; 335(7633):1288-1289..