We’re all guilty of skipping out on the stretch at the end of a workout (sorry g2g!), but stretching can decrease recovery time, reduce your risk of injury, and make you feel great almost instantly. Exercise aside, stretching daily makes everyday activities like getting out of bed or bending down to pick something up that much easier. So if you’ve been skimping on stretching lately, try this quick 13-minute routine.

This class features 9 flexibility exercises that will help you loosen up from head to toe and serves as a well-deserved stretch and recovery break from all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. These dynamic stretches are designed to reduce tightness and tension while creating more mobility throughout your entire body. Besides, giving your whole body a good stretch just feels ahhhh-mazing. Grab a stretching strap or towel and a mat, then press play to get started.

To recap: You will need an exercise mat and a strap or towel for this class.

Chest Opener
Hamstring Stretch
Glute Stretch
Inner Thigh and Groin Stretch
Calf Stretch
Back Stretch
Oblique and Hip Flexor Stretch
Neck Stretch

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