When you think of tarts, your mind probably goes straight to desserts. (We don’t blame you.) But fruit and custard isn’t the only combo that belongs nestled inside a crispy, buttery crust. These nine savory tart recipes are as exciting as dessert but are perfect for simple weeknight dinners or an easy meal that wows guests. And really, could they be any cuter?

1. Tomato Tart

There’s beauty in simplicity—and this tart is no exception. Sliced tomatoes are piled onto a bed of ricotta and chive cream cheese, making for a light and juicy bite that’ll make you rethink Friday night pizza. Add grated Parmesan cheese for a crusty, golden topping or use shredded basil and a drizzle of thick balsamic for something slightly sweeter.

2. French Onion Tart

Two of our favorite foods made a baby and, boy, are we happy they did. French onion soup meets pizza in this onion tart that’s surprisingly easy to make. (Every time we attempt the traditional soup it’s a kitchen catastrophe.) Feel free to whip up homemade dough, as this recipe suggests, or forgo the extra steps and opt for store-bought. What you don’t want to ad-lib is the creamy center made with Gruyere, heavy cream, and butter and the sneaky layer of herbs that lie underneath the onions.

3. Roasted Asparagus, Bacon, and Cheese Tart

Why chop when you can simply lay asparagus spears flat, and they look this good? The lemon-zested veg sits on a bed of herb and garlic Boursin cheese, grated asiago, and chunks of bacon to create a pizza-esque pie that feels all kinds of fancy. We love the unexpected addition of mint, which adds a burst of fresh in a dish that’s mostly savory.

4. Peas and Herbs Cheese Tarts

Craving a bit more veggies these days? Trying piling them high on individual tarts, like these pea, green onion, and microgreen beauties. The filling is a cheesy trio of goat, feta, and mozzarella, and the homemade dough is full of punchy surprises like turmeric and dried rosemary (making it way worth it to tackle from scratch). Serve with a simple salad and a crisp glass of white.

5. Spring Savory Tart With Asparagus and Leeks

Though we love that tarts are often an excuse to go a bit wild with cheese combos, we appreciate that this recipe sticks to just one. The sharp white cheddar speaks for itself and, mixed with heavy cream, makes the perfect base for a slew of vegetables. Asparagus, leeks, kale, peas, and broccolini make this tart go all kinds of green, but it’d also taste great with caramelized onions and mushrooms.

6. Savory Corn and Tomato Tartlets

Most tarts stick to a classic sheet of dough or traditional pie shape, but this one lets loose by wrapping dough over the filling to make more of a galette—think pastry pocket. Fresh mozzarella and herb and garlic cream cheese make this tart ooze with delight, and the corn and onions give it just the right amount of crunch. Top with fresh garlic and zested lemon for a quick burst of tartness.

7. Heirloom Tomato Ricotta Tart

If you’re looking for something on the more refreshing side, try a ricotta and herb base and top it with loads of fresh veggies. This recipe sticks to tomatoes tossed with salt, pepper, oregano, and pine nuts and a simple sauce made with ricotta and lemon. We love the homemade almond flour crust, but as always, feel free to opt for store-bought if you’re in a rush or simply can’t be fussed.

8. Smoked Salmon, Potato, and Dill Tart

Smoked salmon, FTW! Sure, we love the heart-healthy fish on bagels, but that’s before we tried it in a tart. Crispy onion, potatoes, herbs, and the salmon are layered into the tart before being covered in a whisked mixture of eggs and heavy cream. We love that each layer reveals a little surprise—and that we now have a solution for what to do with leftover smoked salmon.

9. Ricotta and Roasted Beet Tart With Beet Greens Pesto

Hate food waste? Us too. This recipe makes the most of each ingredient, including the beet greens, which are blended into a simple pesto that adds color and flavor to the already delicious dish. But that’s not the only awesome thing about this recipe. It also uses a gluten-free crust that’s as golden and crumbly as its gluten-full counterparts.