Who doesn’t love a cool, tasty beverage that’s not loaded with added sugars? These infused water recipes all add something to the mix. Keep it chill with cucumber, mint, and lime or add chia seeds for energy and jalapeños for kick. (Looking for even more flavored water recipes? Check these out.)

1. Basil Water

Make either watermelon or strawberry basil water with the two flavored water recipes on this blog.

2. Cranberry Orange Water

Not only is this fruit water beautiful thanks to the cranberry gems, it’s also sweet and citrus-y with lemon and blood oranges.

3. Chia Fruit Water

Forget sugary energy drinks. Give your water a boost with fruit and chia seeds! Click over to see the short instructional video that proves how quick and easy it is to put together.

4. Pomegranate Tarragon Water

You probably don’t use tarragon on a regular basis, but if you love that sweet, lightly licorice flavor, try it in this flavored water recipe.

5. Strawberry Lime Cucumber and Mint Water

Cheers to this (fruit) party in a glass!

6. Pineapple Jalapeño Lemon Water

Try jalapeño with some pineapple for a spicy and sweet combo that’s infused with nutrients.

7. Pomegranate- and Strawberry-Infused Coconut Water

Why not dress up coconut water with some ruby red goodness?