There’s more than one way to add summer fruit to your fancy French toast. From inside to on top, rolled over and ingeniously infused, these are some of our favorites.

French toast, no matter how you make it, is always amazing. In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than French toast with strawberries, bananas, and a TON of strawberry syrup and powdered sugar on top. Now that it’s summer, the French toast game is getting a lot more serious. So many delicious and sweet fruits are starting to come back into season, and that means more ways to get creative with the breakfast dish! Let me take you through some ways you can make sure you get your favorite summer fruits onto your next plate.

Like I said, my go-to is brioche French toast with strawberries, bananas, and powdered sugar on top. This is by far the easiest way to have fruit with your French toast, since you can throw anything in your fridge on your plate and it’ll be delicious. Our recipe for strawberry-orange French toast—shown at the top of this page—is amazing and so simple!

Some other fruits I suggest mixing together are berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries), peaches and mangoes, and bananas and coconut flakes. Powdered sugar on top is a must, and I’d also recommend a drizzle of honey. If you’re craving a tropical twist, try our rum roasted pineapple French toast recipe.

If you’ve ever been to IHOP (sorry, I’m refusing to call it ANYTHING else), you’ve seen that short little row of all different kinds of syrups. It’s the breakfast enthusiast’s beer flight. When I was younger, I was so grossed out by the thought of a syrup other than maple but, as I got less picky, I realized fruit syrup is probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me. If there’s already fruit on your French toast, the right syrup can heighten that flavor for you (hence why I put strawberry syrup on French toast I’ve already hidden underneath a pile of strawberries). Also, if you don’t have any fruit at your disposal, syrup will keep for a longer time, so you automatically have a flavor to add to any French toast dish.

My personal favorite fruit syrups are any of the berries (Pro tip: These go great with bananas!) and peach syrup. They’re all super easy to make, so delicious, and they make your French toast look colorful and beautiful. You can use them in drinks too, from cocktails to a simple glass of seltzer.

While a stuffed French toast seems fancy and complex, it’s actually a really beautiful combination of the first two methods I’ve discussed. You can stuff a French toast with whatever fruit you want, and that leaves all the room in the world for syrup on top! I highly suggest adding cream cheese to any stuffed French toast to add both amazing flavor and texture to your dishes, like in this strawberry-stuffed French toast recipe. Feel free to take creative control! I’d personally swoon for a blackberry and cream cheese-stuffed French toast.

It’d be remiss to not include this recipe for banana-stuffed French toast. There’s no cream cheese since the banana-cream cheese combo has yet to really take off, but bananas are one of the best fruits to cook right into your French toast. They can be sliced small to keep your bread thinner if that’s what you prefer, or they can be totally mashed right into your batter. And let’s not forget, this would go great with any of those berry syrups you’re bound to try. (Keep scrolling for one more banana-stuffed option for when you’re really hungry.)

So maybe you like your French toast a little on the drier side. You’ve never been one to douse your French toast in syrup or get overly fancy with your preparation. And that’s totally fine. One of the most simple (and fun!) ways to add flavor to French toast is to add a dollop or two of whipped cream on top. It adds a little extra flavor and sweetness without taking away from the flavor of the French toast itself. Luckily, a lot of summer fruits—berries especially—pair incredibly well with cream.

There are a couple ways you could go about making a fruity whipped cream. You could put the fruit inside your favorite homemade whipped cream, like in this banana-mango-berry whipped cream, or by mixing in your favorite fruit-flavored syrup or jam into whipped cream. Personally, I’d recommend going with the first choice. The fruit inside the whipped cream will make for a fresher flavor. You can also use fruit flavored Jell-O, as in this strawberry whipped cream recipe, or freeze-dried fruit.

This is a cute and fun way to get fruit right in the middle of your French toast. With a French toast roll-up, you can put your favorite fruit inside a rolled-up piece of bread, and then make your French toast with the fruit right in! This roll-up is a great recipe to follow for a brunch where you may be entertaining tons of people. Plus, it’s a fun breakfast for kids.

And if your kids (or you!) are a fan of Disney copycat recipes, this last one is a magical option; try switching it up with other fruits too:

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