We’re probably stating the obvious here, but there’s never a bad time to eat a taco. Soft tortillas or hard shells, chicken or carnitas, they’re mouthwatering in practically any form, at any hour of the day. Even—and especially—before noon.

With that said, behold these 21 breakfast tacos. From cheesy egg fillings to fruity toppings, Paleo-friendly versions or plant-based creations, there’s a taco for every type of taste bud here. Enjoy!

1. Easy Tofu Breakfast Tacos
Photo: The Almond Eater

You’ll never call tofu boring again once you've tried it in these protein-packed tacos. Scrambled with taco seasoning and nutritional yeast for some extra cheesy flavor, it’ll win over even non-vegans.

2. Turkey Bacon and Egg Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Healthy Glow

These may be a lighter take on traditional breakfast tacos, but they definitely don’t taste like they’ve cut any corners. Using turkey bacon, swapping some whole eggs for egg whites, and cutting back on cheese, they’re a great example of how to fit your favorite foods into a healthy diet.

3. Breakfast Tacos With Spicy Green Onion and Cheddar Scrambled Eggs
Photo: Heather Christo

Instead of sprinkling cheese on top of your tacos (and risk it falling off), this recipe is all about cooking it right into your eggs so you get its gooey, melted richness in every single bite. Black beans and avocado make this breakfast extra satisfying.

4. Breakfast Tacos With Homemade Salsa
Photo: Our Balanced Bowl

Making a homemade salsa may seem like extra work, but we promise it’s worth it. Not only can you whip it up in the time it takes for your diced sweet potato filling to cook, but the fresh tomatoes on top are the perfect complement to the canned refried beans inside.

5. Bacon, Egg, and Kimchi Tacos
Photo: Spices in My DNA

Being mindful of your gut health can be a lot more fun than just choking down kombucha and digestive enzyme pills. Go for the tastier route with these kimchi-filled tacos; the probiotics keep your gut happy, while the pickled flavor goes surprisingly well with the bacon and eggs.

6. Healthy Kale and Avocado Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Spinach 4 Breakfast

Why cram your tacos with raw lettuce when you can get superior flavor, better texture, and so many more vitamins with cooked, crispy kale instead? With the sauteed greens (and scrambled eggs) piled onto a cool guacamole spread, this recipe is the perfect balance of warm and cold ingredients.

7. Breakfast Tacos With Zucchini Potato Hash
Photo: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

A simple squash and potato hash gets kicked up several notches with the addition of Mexican spices like cumin and chili powder. What’s more, this recipe calls for cooking the veggies in an oven rather than a skillet, leaving you free to focus on making your eggs and warming your tortillas.

8. Fruit Salad Tacos With Honey Whipped Cottage Cheese
Photo: Turnip the Oven

With chopped fruit and a slightly sweetened cottage cheese spread inside the tortillas, these colorful wraps look and taste like dessert but are surprisingly high in protein and fiber.

9. Vegetarian Black Bean Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Life as a Strawberry

This three-part (but easy) recipe offers some healthier, pretty mouthwatering alternatives to typically store-bought ingredients. Instead of canned refried beans, these tacos are filled with a quick, homemade black bean mixture, and a tangy lime-infused Greek yogurt topping replaces the usual sour cream.

10. Blue Corn Breakfast Tacos With Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Avocado + Dill
Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

With smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and avocado, this recipe brings three all-star breakfast items together in a few blue corn tortillas. Ready in all of 10 minutes, it’s one of the speediest ways to get in several superfoods at once.

11. Shredded Harvest Hash Breakfast Tacos
Photo: With Food and Love

Pump up your tacos with plant-based power using the best of seasonal produce. Shredded, sautéed, and stuffed into tacos along with fried eggs and all your favorite toppings, they make for the perfect mix of hearty and healthy.

12. Sriracha Potato and Egg Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Isabel Eats

You’ll find a lot of breakfast tacos with potato and egg fillings, but this Sriracha-spiced one comes out on top, no contest. If you can’t find the seasoning, we’re guessing the regular Sriracha sauce will work just as well here.

13. Fresh Pork Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Bless Her Heart Y'all

Pork tenderloin might not be the first thing on your mind when waking up, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it in taco form yet. Once you’ve paired the roasted meat with eggs and all the classic taco fixin’s, no other breakfast will do.

14. Oven Baked Steak and Egg Breakfast Tacos
Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Hard taco shells hold up well to the hearty steak, egg, and cheese filling here. While the recipe starts on the stove, the last few minutes in the oven make sure the tortillas are just toasted enough while the cheese gets perfectly melted.

15. Millet and Veggie Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Andie Mitchell

If you haven’t eaten a lot of millet before, putting it in tacos is a great way to start. Rich in fiber and nutty in flavor, the grain—and the sauteed vegetables it’s paired with—give this meal plenty of substance without the need for eggs or meat.

16. Chicken Bacon Avocado Breakfast Tacos
Photo: The Lean Green Bean

Got leftover chicken that’s begging to be used up? Turn it into breakfast tacos. Joined by just five more ingredients, it becomes a serious protein-powered morning meal that comes together in a breezy 10 minutes.

17. Korean-Style Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Naty Rose Blog

Some may call them lettuce wraps and others, tacos, but we can all agree that these flavor-filled parcels make for a pretty delicious way to start the day. Just a touch of sesame oil transforms the egg-and-veggie mix from a standard scramble to a special breakfast treat.

18. Breakfast Taco Bites
Photo: The Recipe Rebel

With the recipe making 36 servings at once, these bites are perfect for a brunch taco party. Don’t let the size fool you, either; each tortilla scoop is brimming with all the goods, including cheesy eggs, sausage, bacon, and salsa.

19. Breakfast Tacos With Sausage, Pineapple Salsa, and Spinach
Photo: Laura Fuentes

If you think no breakfast is complete without fruit, swap out the regular salsa in your morning taco for a version that incorporates diced pineapple. With a bit of its juiciness alongside the sausage in every bite, this is the sweet and savory combo at its best.

20. Breakfast Tacos With Jicama Tortillas
Photo: Pretend It's a Donut

Going keto? Eating Paleo? If the answer to either of those is yes—or if you’re simply trying to go light on the carbs—here’s a way to get your taco fix anyway. Thin slices of jicama standing in for the tortillas lend their crunchy, juicy, slightly sweet taste in contrast to the savory chorizo, egg, and kale filling.

21. Tart Cherry Salsa Breakfast Tacos
Photo: Imma Eat That

Jarred salsa ain’t got nothing on the spiced tomato, bell pepper, and cherry mixture that takes these tacos from basic to next-level mind-blowing. The fruit may seem like an addition out of left field, but its tart flavor alongside the sweeter broiled tomatoes is exactly what knocks these tacos out of the park.

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