Rice in the slow cooker? Yes, indeed!

That kitchen appliance best known for turning out braises and stews can deliver grains that are surprisingly fluffy and tender. And better yet, you can use your crock to simultaneously cook your meat, veg, or whatever else your recipe calls for along with the rice, which then soaks in all the juices.

In many ways, the slow cooker provides all the convenience and ease of the rice cooker while allowing for the flavor benefits of the stovetop. Press the start button on one of these 9 easy rice recipes and let the heat do the work.

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Yes, it’s easy enough to go ahead and call up Chinese takeout, but why not give this super-simple slow cooker recipe a shot the next time you’re craving fried rice? You can customize it to include whatever veggies, meats, and seasonings you like.

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Red beans and rice is one of the few classic Southern dishes that sometimes happens to be vegan. This easy slow cooked version starts with the “holy trinity” of onions, celery, and green pepper, then lets red kidney beans and white rice soak up not only the flavor of the veggies, but the zippy additions of fresh garlic, paprika, and thyme.

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A Tex-Mex feast usually involves keeping track of an extensive array of toppings. Not here, however. Once you’ve simmered all of the ingredients in your slow cooker, the only thing left to do is spoon it out and top with cheese.

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Like grits or oatmeal, congee, the East Asian rice porridge, has a mouth-coating creaminess to it that tastes of pure comfort. The slow cooker gently teases out its starches, resulting in a consistency that’s especially silky.

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Stuck at home feeling under the weather with no one to bring you a bowl of chicken soup? This pick-me-up recipe uses ingredients you’ve likely already got lying around your kitchen and is as easy as can be. Dump everything in the slow cooker so you can put your energies toward getting better while it cooks.

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Yes, Taco Tuesday can be healthy! This slow cooker rice and lentil filling is high in fiber and protein and gets its spicy mix from chili powder, paprika, and cumin. Although it’s meatless, it’s got plenty of oomph to hold its own inside tacos and more.

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Some nights call for a simple dinner that’s creamy, cheesy, and starchy in all the most decadent ways. This recipe hits all those marks with ease.

Juicy chicken gets nestled on top of long-grain brown rice in this casserole, meaning that as it cooks, the meat’s juices dribble their way into the grains. Then Greek yogurt and white cheddar join the party to make it delectably creamy.

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This beautifully buttery rice is full of caramelized onions, cremini mushrooms, and fresh thyme. It’s a hearty side or even a vegetarian main dish if you add a salad or green veggies on the side.

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We won’t leave you hanging without dessert! The slow cooker can be your best friend when you’ve got a rice pudding hankering. Our recipe keeps it classic, fixing it up with raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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Don’t discount slow cooking as one of the best methods for cooking rice. Besides producing chewy fluffy grains, tossing rice in the slow cooker takes time and effort off your hands. You can think of this rice device as your kitchen’s best-kept secret.