Given that so many of us can’t even fathom the idea of starting the day without a cup of it, every day could be National Coffee Day. But September 29 marks the official date for the unofficial holiday, and we’ll take any excuse to celebrate one of America’s most beloved beverages. No matter where you are throughout the country, check out our top picks for where to find the best, healthier coffeehouses and cafés in each of the 50 states (plus D.C.). From supplying homemade vegan almond milk to gluten-free pastries and even Paleo-friendly brews, these joints satisfy caffeine cravings—and beyond—for any lifestyle.

1. Alabama: Urban Standard, Birmingham

This indie café with exposed brick walls, funky local art, and an industrial-cozy vibe may look European-inspired, but gets practically all its coffee and food from a producer right at home in Birmingham. Herbivores will be well taken care of here, given that almond milk is available on the coffee menu, and the selection of food includes a veggie Reuben, a “hippie gumbo” featuring brown rice and tofu, and even scrambled tofu for breakfast.

2. Alaska: The Black Bear, Denali National Park

There’s a back-to-nature feel about this place, a cozy log cabin tucked in Denali National Park, that goes with its wholesome menu. Locally sourced coffee beans are brewed into lattes and breves with the option of rice, soy, or coconut milk. The bakery selection offers several gluten-free and vegan items too.

3. Arizona: Songbird Coffee and Tea House, Phoenix

Personable service that puts anyone instantly at ease makes Songbird a local favorite, but the owner’s “love thy neighbor” concept extends to how she sources ingredients too. From the coffee beans to the kombucha to the vegan pastries, most everything here comes from small business owners within Arizona. Almond and coconut milk options, plus agave for sweetening, make it easy to stay dairy-free here. As a bonus, the café supports local artists, and there’s a consistent stream of events, from spoken word poetry to live music and dance performances, from creative minds nearby.

4. Arkansas: The Root, Little Rock

The Root is one of the few places on this list that doesn’t charge extra for soy or almond milk substitutes in their coffee drinks—huzzah! Plus, it’s been so successful as a coffee shop and brunch café that it’s now expanded into a dinner spot with plenty of vegan options. With its mission to be a hub for residents in the area, The Root also hosts musical performances, fun contests, workshops, and speakers that focus on sustainability. More than a coffee shop, it’s a healthy community-building space.

5. California: Go Get ‘Em Tiger, Los Angeles

In a city where healthy-eating options seem to be available on every corner, plain old homemade almond milk is apparently so last season. Go Get ‘Em Tiger raises the bar by making its own almond-macadamia milk, sweetened lightly with dates, then uses it in cappuccinos, lattes, and—wait for it—a turmeric ginger honey cortado (anyone else hear the mic drop?).

6. Colorado: Mmm…Coffee! A Paleo Bistro, Denver

Like its name spells out, this casual coffee joint is super Paleo-friendly, featuring the famous “bullet coffee” (an Americano blended with ghee and medium-chain triglyceride oil) alongside regular barista drinks. You can also order healthy non-coffee beverages such as kombucha and fruit smoothies made with dairy or nondairy milk—don’t forget to spike yours with the optional shot of collagen or MCT oil! Hungry? The menu caters to the caveman diet with naturally sweetened baked goods (think almond flour cookies and homemade chocolate chunk pumpkin bars), Paleo granola, and savory salads you can top with chia seeds or wild-caught sardines.

7. Connecticut: The Granola Bar, Various Locations

With sleek but laid-back, modern decor throughout its several locations all over Connecticut, The Granola Bar makes healthy look cool. Choose from a variety of dairy or nondairy milks for your coffee, and if you’re feeling adventurous, spice things up with the habanero syrup. The menu also features granola (duh), Paleo baked goods, acai bowls, some serious-looking salads, and smoothie add-ons such as pea protein and chia or flax.

8. Delaware: Dreamer Coffee and Juice Bar, Rehoboth Beach

Part coffeehouse, part juice bar, this cool and contemporary spot serves almond milk lattes alongside hemp milk matcha cappuccinos alongside cold-pressed juices with titles like “Master Cleanse” and “The Super Nova.” Eats include build-your-own oatmeal creations and acai bowls.

9. District of Columbia: Slipstream, Washington D.C.

Any place that pairs coffee with cocktails is a winner in our book, especially when it offers homemade almond-cashew milk to boot. You can also dig into tasty avocado toast with goat cheese mousse during weekend brunch, or the vegetarian sweet potato chili for dinner. Bai, we’re off to the nation’s capital.

10. Florida: Eco-Bean Organic Coffee House, Tarpon Springs

With the word “eco” in its name, there’s no way this coffeehouse doesn’t have a healthy slant, and boy, does it deliver. In addition to unsweetened nut milks for its coffee drinks, it also has kombucha on tap, essential oil shooters, apple cider vinegar elixirs, and raw juices—all of which can be enjoyed in a beautifully tended outdoor garden made from reclaimed material.

11. Georgia: Press & Grind, Atlanta

With quotes about coffee painted on the walls, exposed rafters, and pretty tile detailing on its counters, the décor at this Atlanta shop is as pretty as the coffee and food are tasty. Coconut, cashew, almond, and even pecan milks can be used in the beverages; fresh juices are available; and the sandwich and bakery menus suit vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo diets. Try the meatless tempeh Reuben with your pecan milk latte, and thank us later.

12. Hawaii: Belle Surf Café, Kihei

Look beyond the coffee standards here and opt for some of the healthier specialty drink options that balance out the more indulgent crepe menu. The Treesap—a just-sweet-enough mix of espresso with local honey and a generous splash of coconut milk—is a must-try, and the matcha green tea coconut frappe, where the customer gets their choice of sweetener, is another favorite. The place itself couldn’t be cuter; rustic wooden tables and coastal-inspired decor give it some irresistible island flair.

13. Idaho: Flying M Coffeegarage, Nampa

Roasting all its beans in-house, Flying M guarantees exceptionally fresh coffee, but there’s so much more to this quirky café, like cookies and cakes from local business The Teff Company. Come for the espresso, but stay for those baked goods; the menu changes practically daily, but always includes items that are vegan, wheat-free, and low in sugars.

14. Illinois: Oromo Café, Chicago

With naked lightbulbs, drinks served in glass mugs, desserts resting on wooden slates, and natural wood tables, Oromo Café is an Instagrammer’s dream come true. But it’s more than just easy on the eyes; homemade nut milks, syrups made from coconut sugar, and plenty of creative craft beverages infused with superfoods such as maca and spirulina make the drinks as nutritious as they are nice to look at.

15. Indiana: Milktooth, Indianapolis

Milktooth has an eclectic menu, offering homemade cashew milk for its coffee drinks, a sizable booze selection, and rustic ancient grain porridge bowls alongside tofu miso soups. But when being different tastes this good, don’t ask questions. Just roll with it.

16. Iowa: Karma Coffee Café, Hiawatha

In addition to java drinks that use non-GMO syrups and nondairy milks, and smoothies made entirely from fruit and protein powder, Karma Coffee Café also has gluten-free sandwiches and vegan salads. If that’s not enticing enough, it donates a portion of every Monday’s proceeds to local nonprofits, essentially making drinking coffee a great way for you to build good karma.

17. Kansas: Decade Coffee and Espresso, Lawrence

Sure, this menu features ice cream and hearty sandwiches, but with everything either made in-house or locally sourced, you can rest assured you’re getting quality ingredients that have been minimally processed. The coffee menu is on the simple side, but any drink tastes a few notches better if you opt for the homemade cashew milk, made from nothing but the nuts and a touch of local honey.

18. Kentucky: Highland Coffee Company, Louisville

Vegans don’t always get to partake in the fun craft beverages at coffee shops. But thanks to nondairy syrups and whipped creams, Highland Coffee Company makes it possible for milk-nixing drinkers to enjoy creations like the caramel mocha or pumpkin spice latte. The café also features all-fruit smoothies, plus a whole section of vegan items made in-house.

19. Louisiana: Pulp and Grind, New Orleans

Lattes and espresso coexist with fresh-pressed kale and cucumber or coconut milk smoothies at this one-stop shop for both craft coffee and cold juice. Whether you need a caffeine fix or a cleanse, Pulp and Grind has you covered.

20. Maine: Tandem Coffee Roasters, Portland

It’s a gas station on the outside and a hipster coffee joint/music store/apparel shop on the inside. You’ll find the usual range of coffee drinks at Tandem Coffee Roasters, plus some pretty sweet vinyl, but the homemade almond milk healthifies them (the beverages, not the records) a tad.

21. Maryland: 3 Bean Coffee, Baltimore

3 Bean Coffee is one of those warm, inviting, community-fostering places where you don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about parking it for hours with your laptop, a book, or a friend. It also gathers high praise for its almond milk lattes infused with lavender and yogurt parfaits made with local creamery ingredients.

22. Massachusetts: Beatnik Beverage Company, Cambridge

Bulletproof java, kombucha, and fresh-pressed juice: the ultimate trifecta of healthy café beverages, amirite? Find them all at this fun and funky spot, where the brews are on tap and the juice bar offers plenty of samples, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

23. Michigan: Rowster Coffee, Grand Rapids

Forget the fancy blended drinks (which, at most chains, are half-sugar anyway). At Rowster, the drinks nix the syrupy, creamy add-ins and lets you taste the coffee in its purest form. Simply can’t do straight-up ground beans? Ask for a splash of the homemade almond milk.

24. Minnesota: Refresh Bar at Mazopiya, Prior Lake

Refresh actually serves as the café and juice bar within a natural food market; you’ll find it right next to the kombucha on tap and the grain bowl counter. Choose from dairy, soy, coconut, rice, and almond milks, or even coconut water, for the base of its many smoothie and coffee creations. Several smoothies come with shots of cold-pressed coffee, and the bar has been known to feature a turmeric golden milk as the special of the month.

25. Mississippi: Strange Brew Coffeehouse, Starkville

At first glance, Strange Brew’s setup looks like any other casual coffee shop. But with drinks like the key lime pie frappe, king cake, and blueberry cobbler, the offerings here are anything but ordinary. Admittedly, the menu here can be a bit of a landmine of unhealthy beverages, but look out for the several gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan items on there too.

26. Missouri: Urban Café, Kansas City

With a focus on making locally sourced, organic, and healthy ingredients accessible and delicious, this spot is a rare one that doesn’t charge for alternative nondairy milks. Special shout-out to the kale and spinach smoothies, plus the grab-and-go options, which include sweet potato pie yogurt parfaits and overnight oats topped with seasonal fruit and chia seeds.

27. Montana: Super Sisters Café, Whitefish

Super Sisters Café has a slightly hidden location inside Whitefish Inn, but it’s open to the public and totally worth seeking out. The coffee drinks are reliably tasty, but the café is also thoughtful enough to offer healthy caffeine-free alternatives like Pero (a blend of natural ingredients that taste like coffee), plus kombucha. Snack on raw protein bites and vegan cookies if you’re feeling peckish, or go full salad bar if you want a meal.

28. Nebraska: Bean Broker Coffee House, Chadron

Half coffeehouse, half pub, this unique establishment offers the best of both vices—er, worlds. Although the menu items get switched up pretty regularly, you can always find a few vegetarian or vegan options, plus you can swap out regular milk for soy in any of the coffee beverages.

29. Nevada: Sunrise Coffee, Las Vegas

Come to this super-indie, ethics-focused joint for the fair-trade almond milk latte, but you may be even more taken by the entirely vegetarian café menu. Notable mentions go to the “Happy Tummy” granola packed with nuts, flax, and agave.

30. New Hampshire: Laney and Lu, Exeter

Cold brew nitrogen coffee on tap! Coffee ice cubes! Turmeric lattes! Laney & Lu’s menu is like Disneyland for healthy java junkies. Those feeling particularly adventurous—or low on energy—can even amp up the invigorating effects of their coffee with superfoody spikes of collagen protein or chaga mushroom powder.

31. New Jersey: Ohmies Coffee Bar and Yoga Studio, Roselle

Ohmies is attached to a yoga studio—does it get much healthier than that? Actually, yes; determined to preserve the fresh taste of their coffee, the café has a “Green to Cup in Under 30 Days” policy to make sure beans are roasted at maximum potency. The natural flavor is then brewed into drinks like the warrior, a coconut oil and grass-fed butter concoction, or the java prana smoothie with chia seeds and oats.

32. New Mexico: Caveman Coffee Cave, Santa Fe

This Paleo-centric place doesn’t just serve plain Bulletproof coffee, it also uses it in several specialty drinks and smoothies. All-star menu items include the Lemur—coconut MCT oil, grass-fed butter, vanilla, nitro brew, and mineral water—and the Butterfly Kisses smoothie—basically, a strawberry banana blend powered with almond milk, coconut MCT oil, and vanilla protein powder.

33. New York: The Craftsman, New York City

Healthy eaters have endless options in NYC, but this Upper West Side café offers something for everyone, from cocktails and charcuterie to cold-pressed juice and the caffeinated stuff. The coffee choices are impressive enough, with an almond milk cold brew that works great in cappuccinos or lattes, but there’s also plenty of selections under the smoothie, live juice, and “milk and water” headings (the blue cloud 9 milk blends blueberries, agave, coconut meat, and cinnamon). For the grazers, an entire section of the food menu is devoted to avocado-based dishes.

34. North Carolina: Raleigh Raw, Raleigh

Paleo coffee, coffee-infused kombucha, raw juices, turmeric lattes—the healthy gang’s all here! Enjoy coconut granola to go alongside your Paleo crack coffee, or perhaps a coffee-infused kombucha to accompany your vegan poke bowl.

35. North Dakota: Mehl’s Gluten-Free Bakery, Fargo

This Fargo bakery and home goods store offers a full coffee menu to wash down its mouthwatering gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free treats. As a bonus, it even has vegan and gluten-free powders for its selection of protein shakes.

36. Ohio: Café Avalaun, Warrensville Heights

Catering to nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, and Paleo diets, you might wonder: What does this coffee shop offer? Answer: a menu full of clean, delicious food and drinks. Find keto coffee and coconut and almond milk alternatives, plus unrefined sweeteners such as raw honey, liquid stevia, and pure maple syrup. The buckwheat and coconut crepes are tops and can all be made with meat-free fillings.

37. Oklahoma: Café Cubana, Tulsa

An underrated Tulsa joint, Café Cubana serves up quality drip coffees, specialty drinks, and teas in a simple, straightforward coffeehouse setting. Milk substitutes are available, plus a smoothie menu that offers nutritious blends of fruit, veggies, and protein powder.

38. Oregon: Southeast Grind, Portland

Students, freelancers, artists, and techies love this cheery spot for more than just its 24-hour schedule and solid Wi-Fi connection. Hazelnut and hemp milk coffee drinks, kombucha on tap, fresh juices, powered-up smoothies, and lots of wholesome eats make this a great place to set up shop for the (work)day.

39. Pennsylvania: ADDA Coffee & Tea House, Pittsburgh

ADDA is a community-fostering space as well as a coffeehouse. Its charitable efforts, support of local artists, cultural education initiatives, and health-focused menu are all great reasons to visit. Stop by for an almond (or coconut, or soy) milk cortado sweetened with molasses (yup, that’s an option!) and you’re likely to also stumble onto a ceramics sale, pop-up donut stall, or local photographer’s exhibition.

40. Rhode Island: Wildflour, Pawtucket

Probably one of if not the only all-vegan establishments in the state, Wildflour is a dream come true for dairy-ditching caffeine addicts and health-conscious folks in general. There’s a vegan take on all the classic coffee beverages, from cappuccinos to café mochas, and gluten-free, raw, and sugar-free options on its extensive bakery menu. For something on the lighter side, try one of the juices made with the café’s hydraulic press.

41. South Carolina: The Daily, Charleston

We don’t know what to rave about more when it comes to this charming Charleston coffeehouse: the fact that they put homemade almond milk in their lattes, sorghum in their cold brews, tahini in their mochas, or chia seeds in their smoothies. If that weren’t enough, consider that they also have a kombucha bar featuring some impressive, gut-aiding brews.

42. South Dakota: Alternative Fuel, Rapid City

Get the usual rundown of espresso drinks here, all of which can be made vegan, plus a menu full of smoothies that you can pump up with bee pollen, chia seeds, or protein powder. Don’t forget about all the healthy food options, such as gluten-free sandwiches and oatmeal on the all-day breakfast menu.

43. Tennessee: Atmalogy, Nashville

This breezy, Pinterest-ready café is cozy enough to be someone’s living room, but it’s also so adorable it’s been known to double as a wedding venue. The coffee menu is short and sweet, but allows for plenty of variations thanks to alternative milks and syrups, all of which are made in-house with real food ingredients such as raw sugar, organic cacao powder, real coconut cream, and local honey. Raw energy balls, gluten-free muffins, yogurt bowls, and almond butter wraps are perfect accompaniments.

44. Texas: Brewed + Pressed, Dallas

When you see coffee served with activated pumpkin seed or almond milk, you know a place means healthy business. Brewed + Pressed goes several steps beyond just a plant-based menu, incorporating adaptogenic superfoods and herbs into their coffees, fruity drinks, and even desserts. Alongside the nut milk cold brews, you’ll find tonics made with ashwagandha and reishi mushroom extract, turmeric shots, smoothies made with alkaline water, and raw cacao truffles.

45. Utah: Publik Coffee, Salt Lake City

No fancy elixirs or smoothies here. Publik Coffee’s uncomplicated tea, coffee, and toast menu brings it back to basics with a few important upgrades like homemade syrups and soy or almond milk options. Avocado and hummus toast are (obviously) available, but you also have the option to customize your toast creation from a selection of breads (gluten-free available!), spreads, jams, and produce. Plus, not only does the café keep your eats healthy, its solar-powered space also does a bit of good for the environment.

46. Vermont: New Moon Café, Burlington

With a brick fireplace, a gorgeous vintage chandelier, and local art adorning the walls, this cozy café is an easy place to curl up for an afternoon. Sink into one of the big leather couches with your favorite coffee variety or an organic juice, and a savory sandwich or sweet treat—there’s an entirely separate vegan menu.

47. Virginia: The Urban Farmhouse, Richmond

With an emphasis on organic food and fair-trade coffee, the rustic Urban Farmhouse is all about fresh and seasonal ingredients. There’s a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu highlighting locally sourced fare, but even if you’re just here for the coffee, you won’t be disappointed, thanks to tasty brews made from sustainably grown beans.

48. Washington: QED Coffee, Seattle

It’s no small feat singling out just one notable café in what’s basically the coffee center of America and the birthplace of Starbucks. But while there’s no shortage of excellent brews in the state, QED stands out for perfectly balancing traditional espresso beverages with new-age healthy options such as soy and dairy-free mochas, hemp milk lattes, and even non-coffee drinks like kombucha.

49. West Virginia: Josef’s Cup, Charleston

It ain’t always easy being gluten-free at coffee shops. Even those that include wheat-free items can risk cross-contamination, which can mean really bad news for anyone with severe intolerances. Josef’s Cup’s 100-percent gluten-free menu ensures that anyone can enjoy a baked good with their coffee without worrying about sketchy side effects.

50. Wisconsin: Sweet Thyme, Antigo

Sweet Thyme guarantees anyone who visits the café a… well, pretty sweet time. Vegan coffee lovers can enjoy almond or coconut milk espresso drinks; low-carbers will love the BLT on Paleo bread, whey protein smoothies are available for post-workout fuel, and sweet tooths with Celiac can enjoy an impressive variety of gluten-free bakery treats.

51. Wyoming: The Organic Lotus, Jackson

Lotus is a full-blown organic restaurant in addition to a juice bar and coffeehouse, but for the purposes of this roundup, we’re looking at its café menu, where there’s plenty to drool over. Coconut, almond, and hemp milks can be added to the locally sourced coffees, and the entire dessert list is a mix of raw, vegan, and gluten-free deliciousness.