BZZZT BZZZT. Your phone alarm goes off at a time you don’t enjoy, rudely interrupting the third Jeff Goldblum dream you’ve had this week.

You’re running late, your hair is all over the place, and you know breakfast, the most important meal of the day, will take way too long to put together. And life, uh, doesn’t always find a way. Sorry, Jeff.

So you just grab a cup of coffee and hit the road. Sure, you’ll get the caffeine boost you need to coast those first few meetings, but those hanger pains are basically guaranteed to kick in ASAP.

And coffee on an empty stomach? That isn’t a good idea for anyone.

Solution: a coffee protein shake. It takes only a few more minutes to make than your average caffeine brew. And its high protein content will have you feeling fuller throughout the day (and replenished post-workout).

If you’re used to making eggs all the time to get those grams in, try swapping your double hard-boiled for one of these high protein smoothies. The fact that the smoothies taste like milkshakes is just a bonus.

For when you need to pretend you’re not drinking a chocolate milkshake first thing in the morning.

1. Cafe mocha protein shake

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Photo: Jennifer Meyring

Put a cup of coffee in the fridge before you go to bed and this breakfast will take approximately 3 minutes to make. Just throw the coffee in a blender with ice, almond milk, and both chocolate and vanilla protein powders.

The combo kinda makes it taste like a malt. Yeah, you heard us. Grown-up milkshakes for breakfast are a definite win. (Spinach smoothies are also ace, but they’re maybe a little too grown up for this time of the morning.)

2. Cold brew mocha smoothie

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Photo: Eating Bird Food

This smoothie uses our favorite nutritious sweetener: dates! You need just two to make it super sweet, and they’ll add some bonus fiber and potassium to your shake at the same time.

And the sweetness shouldn’t stop you from sprinkling some cocoa nibs on top — it’s never too early. (They’re great for satisfying that insatiable chocolate craving that sometimes hits.)

Because, sometimes, only frothy milk will do.

3. Bulletproof coffee protein latte

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Photo: Plays Well with Butter

If you haven’t jumped on the Bulletproof coffee train yet, grab a jar of coconut oil and DIY it at home.

It’s so creamy that you won’t believe it doesn’t actually contain any dairy. It is not, however, literally bulletproof, so avoid using it as body armor. (That said, it can absolutely shield you from the morning blues.)

Add a few ice cubes to the blender to make this drink thicker and more shake-like. With the right ingredients, shakes can replace whole meals.

4. Vanilla latte smoothie

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Photo: Celebrating Sweets

This has the swag of a vanilla bean frappe but slyly uses a banana and honey for that distinctive sweetness. Take that, ridiculous amounts of sugar!

This smoothie also swaps out an actual cup of coffee for coffee-flavored Greek yogurt (Chobani makes a good one!) and a teaspoon of instant coffee powder to get the java taste.

If you’re not exactly a coffee maverick but want to step up your home-brew game, look no further.

Shakes and smoothies to make it groovy.

5. Oats and flax coffee shake

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Photo: Diethood

Powder is an obvious way to add protein to your shakes, but it’s not the only way.

This smoothie amps up its protein count with rolled oats and flaxseed. If you want, you could add a sprinkle of chia seeds or hemp seeds for even more grams of protein goodness.

6. Wake Me Up coffee smoothie

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Photo: Live Eat Learn

This coffee won’t wake you up — you’ll wake yourself up in anticipation of it!

This morning boost has everything you need: fruit (a frozen banana), whole grains, protein, and healthy fats (from nut butter).

It’s basically your morning oatmeal and coffee rolled into one. We’re super into it. It’s tasty as all heck and just as nutritious.

7. Creamy coffee and yogurt smoothie

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Photo: Garnish with Lemon

If you eat dairy, Greek yogurt really is the sheikh of thickening your morning shake. The yogurt gives this shake a bit of a tangy taste while the agave syrup keeps it within the highly satisfying realm of sweetness.

Choose your fave protein powder to mix in. We hedge our bets with chocolate, vanilla, or coffee-flavored powder, but the world is your oyster if you have another preference.

Greek yogurt is a versatile beast. We’ve got many more Greek yogurt recipes where this came from.

Mornings no longer need to be an uuuuuuuuugh moment. Instead, blend your way to an oooooooh or perhaps a wheeeeeeeeeeee! An on-the-go breakfast doesn’t need to feel half-assed or insubstantial.

If you’re feeling like more of a full-on breakfast that you can drum up quickly, have a look at these nutritious, rapid-fire recipes for busy mornings.