Brisket is beloved, and not just by Jewish grandmas and Texas pitmasters. Almost every meat eater appreciates the savor of a juicy, tender, well-cooked brisket, whether it’s braised or barbecued. Heck, it has its own holiday (May 28, National Brisket Day). Hence, our best brisket recipes, tips, and tricks, all here in one place.

The first step to making perfect brisket, whether you’re barbecuing or braising it, is knowing which cut is best for the job. There are flats, points, and full packers (aka Texas brisket), and they all have their pros and cons. Find out all you need to know about Different Cuts of Brisket.

BBQ brisket inspires rhapsodic devotion, and if you’ve had really good smoked brisket, you know why. If you’re interested in trying to make it yourself, you’re in luck: we spoke with a pitmaster (though he would never call himself that) to get all the details on the perfect BBQ brisket.

Besides BBQ, the other best way to cook brisket is to braise it, but it’s still a low and slow road to perfection. You can cheat with a slow cooker if you like. See our 7 Brisket Recipes Better Than Bubbe’s.

There’s not a lot of special equipment you need to make a perfect Passover brisket (or a brisket for any other cozy night), but there are a few tools that will make the process easier and more enjoyable. See our list of Tools for the Perfect Brisket.

If you’re lucky enough to have leftover barbecue brisket, there are a lot of delicious things you can do with it besides simply slapping it between two slices of bread (though that’s fantastic too). See 11 Things to Do with BBQ Brisket Leftovers.

Besides barbecue and braises, brisket can be cured for corned beef or pastrami (which, like BBQ brisket, is also smoked). You might not give it much thought until Saint Patrick’s Day, but find out The Difference Between Corned Beef and Pastrami.