Pinterest is our favorite kind of Internet rabbit hole. We quickly get sucked in by the food porn and life hacks, coming out of the zone that much hungrier and inspired to make healthier choices. That’s why we were so excited to see the list of the top Pinterest trends in health and fitness for 2015. But we couldn’t just keep the list to ourselves (sharing is caring, right?). From metabolism-boosting workouts to the magical allergy-relieving juice, be on the lookout for these trends.

Greatist Slideshow The Top 10 Health and Fitness Pins

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Fire Up Your Metabolism

We’re big fans of do-anywhere workouts, especially in the midst of the holiday season when it gets harder and harder to find time to exercise. All you need are some dumbbells and a jump rope for this 5-minute workout from Men’s Health. It’ll send your metabolism through the roof!

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11 Stress-Fighting Foods

It’s hardly news that Americans are stressed out, so it only makes sense that we’re all looking (and pinning) quick and easy ways to get some zen. It doesn’t hurt that this list from Women’s Health includes some of our favorite foods: dark chocolate-covered almonds, guacamole, and wine.

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The Magical Allergy Reliever Juice

When the seasons change, we all start pinning creative ways to keep pesky allergies at bay. And this super simple juice is one of those winners. The dash of cayenne pepper cleans out your sinuses, and the blood orange and lemon give a much-needed boost of vitamin C.

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30 Herbs for Cold and Flu Season

It’s not just allergies that put a serious wrench in our plans. Colds and the flu can have us down for the count. And before we had aisles of cold and flu medicine at the local pharmacy, we used to get our remedies from the great outdoors. Everything from basil to cinnamon to echinacea can come to the rescue!

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Quinoa Salad With Spring Vegetables

We’ll remember 2014 as the year we started to experience quinoa fatigue. Sure, the seed packs a serious protein punch, but it can also get boring. Pinners looking to spice things up found this delicious salad from The New York Times that calls for asparagus, radishes, and pine nuts. Yum.

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Power Fitness: Michelle Williams Wall Squat

Michelle Williams—the former "Bootylicious" singer—knows a thing or two about wall sits. This do-anywhere exercise gives your quads a quick and intense workout. And best of all: Michelle Williams is spreading the word about exercising as a way to lower your risk of having a stroke.

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Yoga: 3 Hip Openers

Since we spend most of our day sitting, it’s no surprise that so many of us have tight hips. It only makes sense, then, that this quick video with three simple yoga moves to open hips and release tension was popular among the Pinterest set.

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Essential Sleep Tips: How to Wake Up Easier in the Morning

For something we do so often, sleep can still seem so elusive. When it seems like your brain won’t shut off and counting sheep just isn’t cutting it, try these tricks from Fitbit.

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4 Moves to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splits might seem like the uncomfortable price to pay for going too hard in the gym or on a run. Luckily, pinners found these super simple exercises from Runner’s World to stop shin splits in their tracks plus three ways to minimize the pain if you still end up with them.

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Brunch n’ Burn Workout

Brunch is easily our favorite meal, but stuffed French toast and too many mimosas can quickly make us go from having fun to feeling sick. Pinners who were looking to feel healthy while partaking in some weekend indulgences found this incredible peaches and cream porridge paired with a muscle-burning Pilates workout. Just wait a few minutes after eating before you start bending your body like a string bean.

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