In a world where convenience stores and fast food restaurants always seem within arms reach, it can be difficult to make healthy choices. And when you do make the effort to purchase healthy ingredients, you often find yourself in sticker shock at the checkout counter. Does opting for organic or sustainably produced goods really have to cost that much? Thrive Market says no, and was in fact created with the idea that eating well doesn’t have to break the bank.

A Costco for the healthy-eating set, Thrive Market offers users more than 2,500 food, home goods, and beauty products at wholesale prices (usually 25 to 50 percent off) that they’ll ship to your doorstep anywhere in the U.S. And like Costco, users pay a yearly membership fee of $59.95 to get access to these otherwise unheard of discounts.

From the first time we logged into the online marketplace, we loved how easy it was to search for products that met our dietary needs. The site let us select our eating preferences (everything from raw to Paleo to certified Kosher) before displaying search results. And while we were wowed with the sites amazingly comprehensive list of shelf stable products (you’ll have to stick to sites like Fresh Direct for fresh produce and meats), we also liked that the founders have made an effort to curate the offerings—meaning you won’t be staring at a wall of seemingly similar nut butters. The people at Thrive have already done the hard work of searching high and low for brands they know you’ll love. And they really are cheaper. We found ourselves with our jaws on the floor when we saw how inexpensive the 16-ounce jars of Justin’s and Artisana were ($8.45 and $9.45, if you were wondering).

The best part? Thrive Market is giving Greatist readers a free three-month membership. All you have to do is click the link below and sign up.