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You probably don’t wear the same hairstyle as your mom (#OKBoomer) — so why use the same hair products? Good thing there’s a hair care brand that’s on the same page.

Not Your Mother’s strives to create salon-quality products — without the salon price tag — to moisturize, define curls, boost volume, and help your luscious locks look their best.

For folks on the organic beauty bandwagon, the brand even offers a “Naturals” line made without parabens, phthalates, dyes, and other questionable ingredients.

Our editors recently took a few of NYM’s newer products for a test drive. Here’s what we thought.

This dynamic duo made our hair feel so fresh and so clean. ✨ It didn’t leave buildup like some other products do, and it left our hair feeling soft and looking healthy. One tester even got comments about how good her hair looked when she posted a selfie.

Bonus: These products have a fresh, herbal scent. We couldn’t stop smelling our hair after using them.

Real talk: This mist has that same amazing scent — but it doesn’t seem to be much more than a hair perfume. It made our hair smell nice and cooled off our scalp, but it’s not designed to clean or absorb oil.

We think it’s a nice way to give your hair a scent boost on nonwashing days or after a workout, and it might be a cooling option in the summer. But if you’re looking to extend the time between shampoos, a dry shampoo might be more your speed. (Keep reading for dry shampoos!)

Even testers who usually hate dry shampoo luuurved this one — it was easy to apply and rub in and instantly made our hair feel fresher. It also has an awesome scent (are you sensing a theme?). Our favorite comment from a tester: “My fiancé hugged me and said ‘MMMM, good smellin’ head’ the first time I tried it.”

It did make our hair a bit stiff, but after styling, it felt similar to a light hairspray. And at just $9 per bottle, we think it’s a fab deal.

Inexpensive dry shampoos often leave residue and weigh down our hair — but not this one! It easily absorbed oil from our second- or third-day hair without much brushing or rubbing in. It gave our hair a volume boost, smelled great (of course), and washed out easily.

FYI: To prevent the typical dry shampoo white residue, this product has a slightly yellowish blond tint. It should blend right in to darker blond or highlighted brown hair, but some reviews say it’s too yellow for icy blond hair.

Behold, the rare product(s) that define wavy or curly hair without making it feel crunchy or greasy! After we applied these products to wet hair and scrunched it a bit, our hair dried frizz-free and looked like a million bucks.

One tester noted that her hair felt softer after using the cream than the gel, so the cream had a slight edge. But overall, we were impressed with both.

This masque is designed to deep-condition, soften, and tone brown hair. It left our hair soft and tangle-free right out of the shower and light and moisturized after air-drying.

One tester noticed that it made her highlights blend in more seamlessly to her natural color and even gave her hair some extra wave. We’re not feeling blue about those results!

FYI: This masque is indeed blue (the color cancels out orange tones in your hair), but don’t stress — it won’t actually dye your hair blue. It also shouldn’t stain your shower… but you might want to be extra careful about rinsing just in case.

Want to add a little more color to your self-care Sunday? This masque is like a vibrant purple hug for your hair. It’s thick, easy to use, and made our hair soft, silky, and shiny.

Our tester was a bit less impressed with the masque’s toning effect, saying it didn’t lighten blond highlights nearly as much as the pricier purple conditioner she usually uses.

Still, plenty of online reviewers say it helped remove brassiness from their blond locks. And at this price point, it might be worth a try!

Overall, we think these products deserve a spot in your hair care routine. And maybe Mom can even borrow them… if she asks nicely.