It seems like every time we get ready to leave the house, it’s never as simple as “phone, wallet, keys.” Instead, our standard checklist is more like: phone, wallet, keys, laptop, charger, shoes, change of clothes, sunglasses, snacks, water bottle… and so on. We got used to throwing everything in one of our oversized handbags, which we swore was filled with a little Mary Poppins magic. That is, until our neck and back started to painfully protest.

Fortunately, we found this backpack from Eagle Creek and solved all of our travel-related woes. Armed with this super-light bag, hitting the road—or subway, or trails, or beach—just got so much better. It only weighs 12 ounces and comes with ventilated, padded straps that make even the heaviest loads easy to carry. And since the straps are made from moisture-wicking, breathable nylon material, we said good-bye to those annoying shoulder-strap sweat stains.

We love traveling with the backpack because it comes with tons of built-in security measures, including lockable zippers, a hidden pocket for our wallet that blocks card readers, and a compartment that keeps electronics safe from scratches. Plus the pack’s three-liter hydration blatter made it our new must-have accessory for day trips—we never felt thirsty, even on long hikes. And when we want to bring the bag to work, we just take out the water storage and voilà, we have the perfect compartment to store our laptop (it fits models up to 15 inches).

Whether we’re hitting the trails or heading on the train into work, we like how the backpack comes with a pull tab that cinches all of the contents to ensure they don’t shift around. Now our stuff is steady and secure and our shoulders aren’t sore anymore. Click the button below to get your own Eagle Creek backpack.