Photo by Justin Singh

Why wait for the New Year to start your fitness resolution? We rounded up 17 easy ways to workout without even having to thinking about. Best of all? Most involve playing in the snow. Or, if you’re feeling generous, hand-delivering baked goods to friends and neighbors or carrying donations to a local charity can both burn a few calories. Hitting the mall can also be a good way to log miles. But the ultimate multitasking winter workout? Clearly, shoveling snow— extra morality points if it’s to help out an elderly neighbor or bed-ridden pal.

If you’d rather spend the day with friends or family, toss a football or go sledding. Snow angels offer an arm and leg workout while ice skating improves balance. For a more intense workout, head to a “Reindeer Run,” go skiing, or cut down your own Christmas tree (double points if it’s the biggest one you can find). But don’t stop now— there are still plenty more ways to work-up a sweat.

The Takeaway: Staying fit doesn’t have to be the last priority around the holidays. There are plenty of fun, family-friendly, and community-oriented ways to get a good workout.

Strap on Some Snowshoes

This centuries-old mode of transportation distributes the wearer’s weight across the surface of the snow allowing them to hover atop it. It’s an even better workout than walking!

Fun Fact:

Since the ‘90s snowshoeing has grown at a rate of about 20 to 30 percent per year.