Illustration by Christopher Hardgrove

Let’s start the week off right with a new ultra-exciting fitness goal: pull-ups. Whether you’re attempting your first pull-up or just short of 50, we have a training guide that’s perfect for you. In just three weeks, you’ll be pullin’ up like a pro.

Here’s the jist: Pull-ups are tough because they engage a ton of muscles — shoulders, back, core, and arms, to name a few. Our plan provides a huge range of exercises to strengthen all of those areas in an easy three workouts per week. Our expert also recommends foam rolling to loosen up those muscles. And don’t be intimidated — we’ve outlined proper form and everything!

The Takeaway: In three weeks even a beginner will be able to squeeze out a pull-up or two thanks to this handy-dandy training plan.

Talk Like a Pro

Got the pull-ups down and looking for something even more challenging? With this guide to Crossfit lingo, you’lllearn how to talk to talk and walk the walk.

Fun Fact:

The number of Crossfit boxes (a.k.a. gyms) has grown from 13 to 3,400 in less than seven years.